BY; Akida Leonard K
Laying on my 3X6 inches wooden Mazongoto, I read posts from different bloggers and facebook users completing their university education with hash tags and upper cases ‘After Campus What?’
Eee! Oucha! I realize they are not alone puzzling on life after campus…’s not easy forgetting about good campus memoirs,encounters,Sand Beachings, all sweet life instead its teasing adopting to an environment without companions,upkeep, a life when one stands on their feet for basic needs and other day – day life necessities.

Reading Friend’s posts on social media

Later,I Realized I have all capacities and basic formulas to solve this AFTER CAMPUS WHAT? problem.
there’s a time in the life of university student when he/she is no longer addressed in the honor of a student but a grown us fresh graduate and or a professional.

Its at this stage of life that Professors and Lecturers have prepared him/her for the world of professionals. At this stage,the concerned have equipped and oriented you with the indigenous knowledge&skills to help you compete with others in the field of works.
 Pillars of strength (Parents & Guardians),swallow sleeping pills to rest from tuition stress taking time out relaxing – the rest is history.

“Life after campus” as scholarly referred to is a period comprising of various Unanswered questions in minds of many Graduates.Questions like; AFTER CAMPUS WHAT? are oftenly thought of since graduates begin living an independent life. This period is contiguous to one’s economic status,competence and technical skills and networks that positions him/herself higher than others.

Getting employed is the first cluster of every fresh graduate,triggering their minds.This barely comes with any reality.Hundreds and thousands of students graduate from different universities and a few are employed in public/private services.The unemployed use skills obtain and become own Bosses.Perhaps,others go unnoticed.Asking where they go is not new.Even Jesus in the Bible healed 10 leprosy men but only a Samaritan returned giving thanks.He was heard asking;”Where is the ninth?” Lk17:17

Life goes on! Karl Marx puts it clear in his ‘Political and Social Ideas’ that the economic base of society consisting essentially of its mode of production determines the cultural,ideological and political super structure – Economic Determinism we cannot deny the fact that life after campus clocks around one’s economic strength and weaknesses. ANSWERING THE AFTER CAMPUS WHAT QUESTION

Graduates however,need to be contemplative to this time.Thinking of what life would be after campus enable you make righteous decisions and plan for a better life.Contemplate on creating positive changes.Stop thinking about the spick and span life,hangouts,encounters and the good moments whilst at campus.

Its universally accepted that universities give universal knowledge & skills to qualify you for universe opportunities. Graduates are responsible of putting into practice the obtained skills in changing their status and society as a whole.

We all cannot get white color jobs.Therefore,life skills become our destine.An innovative mind with innovative ideas saves you a ninth set in Luke. Establish small scale businesses such as poultry farming,merchandise, agri- business and other inventions. At times,you need to do that job you don’t want to get what you do want to earn a living.The reason why we still have this question is because we make life skills last resorts on the menu yet they are contributors of our Education.
Harness them to answer your After Campus What question.

Learning to save is the best solution to this problem concept.It’s no doubt, most university students at  are Kenzonomic Theory of Saving students.Earning less and spending much in Associations Reunions,Sand Beachings,Boozing & Going Shopping fancy cloths and Gadgets.”To know that you earn Shs 4000,you spend Shs5000,then save Shs 2000.” This is a case with students from well off families and those on Government/NGOs Scholarships.Unlike their counterparts from families living from hand to mouth & on private sponsorship, students on scholars have more opportunities to saving part of their upkeep & allowances.Nowonder,they cannot keep something for a rainy day,making life a dire.Saving is important both at and after campus.

In the course of publishing this article,I failed defining the role of marriage & family in solving the after campus what problem.Our Dear Sisters are prone to this.Do they run dodge responsibilities? perhaps,they want to live a life of Riley.

Let this not be you! marriage is an endless race.Its a right obliged to all except Monks & Nuns in celibacy. US’ Princess Meghan and Uganda’s Zari have got married several times.I have yet to hear any romantic man declare a crush on Mama Fina – Ask Sheilla Gashumba.

Creating Strong networks while still at and after campus is one way of ascertaining facts about life after campus.Remember,you’re average to your companions.Impactive not Impressive relations make you concentrating on changing lives for better than gnashing teeth.Don’t expect going like a bomb.Man like any society develops in stages,Wait for the right time to  pop and shine more.

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Depressed Graduate. Internet photo

Conlcussively,Graduates ought to recognize the nature of the society we live in. Our society comprises of different positions with different modes of production.In this society,each class struggles for its own interests.”The history of mankind is the history of class struggles.” thus says Karl Marx. Every Graduate need to know we all cannot easily be same after campus if not entirely! Hard work,goal setting having a finger in every pie does not make you achieve your interests but also make life after campus a success.

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