*Devil on the Altar* 
Fr. Elio Zanei dug grave. PML photo
By Leonard Kamugisha AKIDA
The News about the corona virus disease outbreak in China could never be taken as a world pandemic not until its wild-fire spread.

December,2019 remains dreadful in the eyes of the Yunnan [ Wuhan as referred to in Africa] people as hundreds and thousands of families witnessed their members retreating and dying a chicken death.

Punde si Punde, there came in 2020 a year every religious leader called a Dabolo- Dabolo year (Double- Double] with double heavenly blessings and favors. Nearly every Pastor, Sheikh, Priest held prayers on the year’s vigil. 

I’m doubtless the traditional healers sacrificed fattened calves and goats in shrines. The year was  celebrated in triumphs. Feast after Feast, Party after Party.

Ugandan slay Queens couldn’t be left out, they immediately twisted tongues to an extent of confusing their First Citizen pronounce Twenny – Twenny tongue twisters. Like Uganda, Floridans celebrated a year in a styled spectrum.

Over 10,000 People across the country gathered in the southern Florida city of Miami in an annual LGBTQ national festival. It was a Winter Party.

The Dabolo-Dabolo yr was welcomed in jovials little did  anyone know that tragedy would befall the world. No one bothered knowing about what a hell was going on in Chinese Province of Yunnan.

Sub-Saharan African countries then reported about the attacks on their evergreens by the desert locusts. As it is a case, concerned ministries found gate paths on chewing part of the National Budgets as poor citizens sought for government permissions to catch the destructive locusts citing out Biblical John Baptist and his story of Locusts and Wild Honey, (Mathew. 3:4) “His food was locusts and wild honey.” Women in Kitgum district in the Prime North of Uganda bear me witness.
A photo shot of a woman drying desert locusts for food in Kitgum district.
 Shots By: Lala Fortunate Liz

Remembering that whatever happened in Yunnan was slowly but surely spreading all over the globe. New Cases after New Cases, Death after Death, Quarantine after Quarantine. States imposed sanctions and lock downs on citizens and flights, borders closed and the once big headed Mexicans begged on Democratic Trump to embark on his Mexican Wall building project as a means of escaping deadly corona virus.

The outbreak became a novel inexhaustible by the world’s best writers. Super Power states accusing one another of the disease outbreak as non scientists blame scientists for inventing the virus.

The Devilish disease spread to the Holy see leaving hundreds of Italians dead. What was born in Yunnan grew up in Rome killing Faithful priests. The Devil  shook down the immovable rock while the White skinned wondered why the virus was not infecting the much melanin.

Cushitic Africans felt confined super gluing eyes on their TV sets to watch BBC News reports on death tolls in Europe and the confirmed new cases. Middle East too, sat in the comfort of their hotter temperatures thinking that the virus spreads faster in cold temperatures than in hot ones.

At a snail’s velocity, the virus spread to the “mythical African states and in the Middle East. West African states of Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria to name but three broke the melanin myths. South Africa, East Africa then followed a suit.

Then CNN reported: ” Uganda’s virginity broken by a man from Dubai.” This was after the circulating news on the first corona virus case reports in the country (Wed March18th,2020) after a couple of weeks in which the country remained an island as her East African Community neighbors registered COVID-19 cases.

As if I don’t want to talk about the greatest mistakes various states made in the corona virus era, but I will spare one African State whose finance ministry either deliberately or indeliberately sent shillings 2.3bn extra monies to her Embassy in China as upkeep to country students in Virus affected Wuhan province.

Mofped Uganda, on 28thFebruary,2020 mistakenly sent 600,000 instead of $61,000 to the Ugandan Embassy in China to help Ugandan students who are strapped in that Wuhan over the pandemic Corona Virus disease outbreak.”

Shetani hapotei Njia. The devil will always find its entry into something no matter the strength. This time finding its way on to the altar tempting Christians world over while things fall apart in the smallest state of Vatican.

Despite the Popal prayer of protection from COVID-19pandemics, the church is one of the areas which devil devastates to control. Religious men do profanes, Governments perk him with orders to close down places of worship convinced they are combating the spread of the virus.
Pope FrancisI prayer of protection
from Corona Virus to the BVM

Thank God for the invention of internet and the evolution of the social media platforms and mainstream media which have given birth to online preaching – this time closing the evil doors of pornography, secular music contents and other materials that promote hate speech.

Did I say Satan can’t lose a way? The escalating number of death tolls in Italy, Spain, China to mention but a few have put many strong faithful to a test. The Pontiff must have been right to compose a protection prayer from the COVID-19 but the devil on the altar is seemingly fighting the faithful weakening hearts. 

Our eyes have been diverted from prayers and fasting which seem God is taking long to respond to our prayers. Purity is washed away with death impurities, hopes substituted with desperacy, the lives of our dear ones being swept away by the deadly corona virus.

The actions of Fr. Elio Zanei, an Italian Priest at Angal Parish in Nebbi district, reflects devastations of  losing faith to the calamities caused by this virus.

‘Priest digs own grave after seeing relatives and priests die of corona virus in Italy,’ presents Satan as a winner of the battle. Social media critics still argue about it. 

Its no longer Ngugi Wa Thiongo’s Devil on the Cross criticism of capitalism. In a  Dabolo – Dabolo year (Twenny Twenny), Devil is on the Altar. Neither the boss nor the corrupt businessman exploits Wariinga.

The Devil is becoming opportunistic in these trying moments when Christians no longer attend church services and Masses or Muhammadans go for Juma prayers. Everything is on a  standstill, he is standing on the altar.

The devil is exploiting God’s Wariingas corrupting their faiths with corona virus disruptions. Clerics dying a grasshoppers death. Fr. Zanei digging own grave to prepare for his death calling on Christians prepare for their deaths.

Wariinga is no longer being exploited by his Boss or a corrupt businessman in Nairobi, the devil on the altar is exploiting the faith of the Christians in the corona virus pandemic. Luxuries turns into necessities, economies scales down, public offices closed, states go on total lockdown while panic rises.

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