Employment policies not green pastures should influence you to a new job


By Leonard Kamugisha Akida


Fie years ago, Timothy left his first employer company where he’d served  as a sales man since his university graduation time and joined a new employer whom he read about the advert in a daily Newspaper.
With all the experience obtained, Timothy deliberately knew he was fit to go for the highly paying advertised position to head the Sales department  of one of the market leading Insurance companies in Uganda. So, he went on and applied.
He’d all it was takes to be admitted to the company. With his 4 yrs experience as a sales person and the much profits he’d brought towards the company cumulative growth and development, there’s no doubt, his was a good CV in the eyes of a new employer.
Timo ( as he kept on referring to himself) says his employer was an employment company worth working with as he repeatedly talked about the daily facilitations, tips, and personal job appraisals wrapped / enveloped with promotions, motivational cash to mention but a few. In fact, he  attests that his first two years at this company (refresher job) opened to him doors of success in the marketing industry.
However, he insists there’s a need to seek for a greener pasture to satisfy his personal needs since he have had many people depending on him.
He therefore, decided to walk away from his refresher job to a new one with hopes to find green pastures.
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Salary or wage is a key factor that drives people’s emotions when applying and accepting new employments. Its a common question in interview panels, interviewees are inquisitive to know about the amounts of money they would be paid after a service / labour in a specified period. The “How Much?” question is used by both professional and nonprofessional workers. Employees and labourers would prefer taking up highly paying jobs to less paying ones with disregards of their terms / clauses.
Consistent employment policies not green pastures should influence you to take up a new job.

Timo like any other typical employee would be, got influenced by the How Much factor before testing the waters on the terms of his new employment. He’s not a sole man. Most people resign from their jobs (with or without official communications) to search for where they think there’s green pasture no wonder, some end up in Kalahari. Sadistic, they feel ashamed of going back to their former employers. Besides, they already lost their former positions to new faces.
There are over a hundred eyes looking at the position you’re filling today. Yes, many eyes. But should one keep imposing himself on a poorly paying job even though there opportunities for greener pastures? Obviously, Not!! Everyone desires highly paying jobs. But this often times need to be done with extraordinary care in cases where one is leaving his current position or even when its your first time employment.
Prior scrutinization of company’s or organization’s employment policies, clauses stipulated in contracts is not only important in taking up a new job but also good to your health and life with that employer. Employees / labourers ought be smart before entering new employment companies as it gives them time to learn about a company’s background, payment policies and history, promotional, appointment and dismissal policies, job safety that is to say Legal and Health safety so on and so forth.
There are many fake companies in the country that have policies on paper and implementations is a problem. Some assure you of salary increments and promotion because you’re resourceful and they need to win you yet the assurance was by a word of mouth not on paper (in contracts / job appointment letters), the next day you’ll have no evidences to claim all the promises made to you.
Clauses in contracts and appointment letters are not given an eagle’s eye yet its a pivot point to either keep you balanced in the company or let you lose your job. Understanding policies embedded in your contract is a good way to go. Imagine a company that has no maternity or paternity live, sick live!  Imagine the inconsistent policies in contracts. Human beings must fall sick, people die or lose relatives and friends, married employees go to labor- its a law of nature. At times employees need official terminations in case of in favourable climatic conditions, prolonged sicknesses and other in bearable working conditions. These requires temporary or permanent live. Some companies may not offer you such.
Before you lose your job to a green pasture one, be considerate on these and other more policies at the new employment company. Be not influenced by the green pasture and end up being affected by inconsistent policies. Remember that ignorance has no defense. Read and carefully scrutinize the policies and contract clauses in your new employments. Otherwise, you may be like a warsp which in trying to make honey like a bee only made wax. 

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