Inspire and encourage your partner to become his / her best self


By Leonard Kamugisha AKIDA

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Most people in marital relationships have a certain unpleasant character, trait towards the other. This may be based on hygiene, moral conduct, body language, financial literacy, mode of communication, dressing codes and sexual dissatisfaction, so what next?

There’s a myth in many marital relationships limiting partners to talk about what you don’t admire in the other, because the truth from a loved one sound so painful.

Its this an unspoken agreement which causes anxieties to ably talk openly about anything.

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Partners have less cinsidered marital issues such as morals, personal hygiene and one’s sexual weaknesses in bed – may be that’s one of the reasons the quality of the average marriages is in decline.

Nonetheless, there’s a bouquet of literature on how best one can positively change another’s lifestyle and make him/her better of the mankind with out fights, breakups or hurting their feelings.

Realizing oneself helps partners not to rush into jurisdictions against the their other halves since one see themselves as guiltier than the other at the first stance.

In the book: “The Meaning of Marriage,” Tim Keller argued that marriage introduces you to yourself- you realize you are not as noble and easy to live with as you thought when you were not alone.

Likewise, positioning yourself into your other half’s in admirable character, trait etc enables you identify your own selfishness and see it as a fundamental problem thus can ably treat your spouse’s selfishness.

Practicing personal therapy in marriages is a fundamental tool in addressing what you don’t admire in your partner with out hurting his / her feelings.

The everyday tasks in marriage are opportunities to cultivate more selfless love. Everyday there’s a chance to inspire and encourage your partner to become his / her best self.

Helping your wife on laundry, kitchen chores may improve her cleanliness and cooking respectively. More so, having a romantic shower with your spouse may help to stop the unpleasant odours. Isn’t this more logical than fighting?

There’s a time when you needn’t lose all your calories talking in arguments about certain behaviors, but there’s always that first time to do what you would want them do best. Assuredly, he / she will cope up and change.

Marriage is not about two individuals trying to satisfy their own needs, its a partnership of mutual self- giving for the purpose of making another’s corner of the world a little better.

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