Museveni warn businessmen against hiking food prices



“I can organise my NRM cadres and transport food from the villages and fix a proper price to avoid the crooks in Kampala.” Museveni.

By: Leonard Kamugisha AKIDA

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H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, has sent sincere warnings against the city businessmen who are allegedly taking the advantage of the corona virus pandemic lock downs to hike the prices of food

“I have heard about people who are hiking prices of food. This is very bad, I will send my spies in town and when they find out that you are overcharging customers,  I will withdraw your licenses, ” President Museveni warned.

The President was addressing the media delivering a State of the Nations Address on Corona virus for the 4th time since Wednesday March 18th,2020. 
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He further warned that if the business community fails to comply, he would use the NRM cadres to transport food from upcountry and sell it at proper prices. 
“I can organise my NRM cadres and transport food from the villages and fix a proper price to avoid the crooks in Kampala.” Museveni. 
”I call upon the businessmen in town not to lead us into temptations but deliver us from all the evil,” he retaliated.
This comes after posts circulating social media showing the increased prices of salt  from 700Ugx to 4000Shs.

On Public Transport which many expected to be closed down, the president was unclear about it. He said if the situation worsens, public transport would be suspended by limiting longer distances to towns.
He called up on  citizens to avoid unnecessary movements by staying at home or using bicycles as an alternative of public transport means.

During the address, the president revealed that he has entered talks with the Trade Minister, Amelia Kyambadde on re-inventing the bicycle manufacturing plant in Namanve to start enterprising bicycles in  uganda as a mean of decongesting the people which is a high risk of spreading the disease.

The NOSA came hours after the Ministry of Healthy has confirmed 8 new other cases of the novel COVID-19 pandemic bringing the number of the persons diagnosed with the disease in Uganda to Nine.

According to MoH, 35people whose samples were examined in the central labs in Entebbe, 8 tested positive. The infected are all Ugandan nationals who had travelled from Dubai and United Arab Emirates UAE aboard the Emirates and Ethiopian Airways.
Six of these were intercepted at the Airport and put under institutional quarantine whereas two others were under self-isolation. This according to the ministry glimmers hopes that the disease is not yet spread in the public domain.
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