Natumanya mints cash from molding

Natumanya Peter  molding a vessel flower pot at his molding  plant in Industrial area Wankoko Street Old Portbell  Rd

By Alex Muhumuza and Leonard Kamugisha                                         

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If there is any  other  activity one would  do to earn a living with or without  formal  education,  molding  flower  pots would be the best option according to Peter Natumanya.
Natumanya, 27, a resident of Kamwokya a city suburb and a father of one has excelled in flower pot molding business, leaving the world of unemployment.
Natumanya, hailing from Mutojo Sheema district, completed form six in 2010 at Kazo Hill Secondary School in Kawempe Kampala where he attained 12 points in Physics Chemistry  and Mathematics.
 Despite the good performance, Natumanya did not join the next education level to pursue medicine which was his dream course since childhood due to financial difficulties.
Joining molding 
As Natumanya was wondering one day on the streets of Kampala in his S 6 vacation, he met his long time friend Ivan Ssenkoto (RIP) who was operating his business of molding fibers in Namanve.
“Since I was interested in clay molding, Ivan introduced me to Alfred, his   friend who was  operating  a clay   molding  plant in  Bukoto,” he  explained.
Natumanya  explained that Alfred trained him all heartedly, and  later after  three  years,  he  offered   to  take  him to Kenya  for more  training, which  he  accepted. 
“The fact that these friends were employed and were earning money to sustain their lives inspired me to go for more training in molding,” he narrated.
 Natumanya further narrated that with Alfred, he went to a molding factory in Kisumu Kenya in 2014, where   he spent a year acquiring more skills.
“I went to train in molding to come home and mint some money from the job. By then, most of the flower pots that were being sold in Uganda were being imported from Kenya,” he said.
During the training in Kenya, Natumanya says, he was being paid by Alfred after their sales.
“I used   to save some of this money, with an aim to start up my own clay molding plant when I return to the country,” he narrated.
.Returning to Uganda
In early 2015, Natumanya returned to the country ready to put into practice all   the skills he had attained in clay molding from Kenya.
On his return, he partnered with his three friends Andrew Nabaasa, Justus Asiimwe and Enock Kayabura, who contributed some money to top up on the savings he had, to start their own business.
According to him, they solicited sh1.5m capital in total, which they used to purchase work materials like, cement, wire mess, sand and used some of the money to rent a work place in Bukoto.
Natumanya  at his  molding  plant  at industrial area oldportbell  Rd
Following KCCA’s plans to renovate the Bukoto-Ntinda Rd in the late 2016, the four partners were evicted in order to ease the construction process.
 This came at a time when they needed a wider work place to operate their business from, thus shifting to Industrial area on Wankoko Street along old Port Bell road where they have been operating to date.
Types of flower pots made
He  explained  that  among the  types of  flower pots they  make is  hexagon,   watermelon,  pumpkin, towel pot, bird bath, round pot, troughs, boxes, vessels among others.  
Natumanya explains that they use sand, cement, wire mess, paint and pieces of clothes to make flower pots.
He says that using spades, they mix sand and cement with water.
They there after use a wire mess to form different shapes that they want their pots to look like.
They later use trowels and papers to put the mixed sand in the wire mess-shape.
He says a knife, wooden/metallic float and a   trowel are used to give the molded pots   smooth and rough texture designs, to come out with the perfect products they want.
After the process, the pots are sun dried for two days under direct sun, and later are painted.
Natumanya says unlike other flower pots, the Towel flower pots are made from towel cloth pieces molded with mixed sand and a hard plastic material such as round bottles is cut and inserted inside the molded pot to stop the absorption of water which may lead to loosing of edges.
Natumanya and colleagues sale their flower pots on the Ugandan market. These get orders from government officials and other locals around   the country.
Flower pots are sold between Ug sh 25,000 to sh 300,000 depending on its size and type.
Although flower pots molding business has no stable market; he says they averagely earn over Shs 5m profits annually.
Managing Business
To keep his business running, he says, he avoids huge loans saying these can lead to the demise of his business. 
He attributed his current success to working with result oriented and honest friends.
Natumanya who is living a happy life advised youth in the country to cease under looking jobs to fight unemployment.
“Most  youth  in the  country are only  looking for  white color  jobs  yet they are not  enough  for  everyone,”  he said.
He therefore asked government to financially support the youths with such initiatives in order to have their objectives achieved.
“If  government can  support  the youth with such skills  with  work  places,  it would  decrease  on  the number  of those  looking  out for  jobs,”  he said. 
Besides molding flower pots, Natumanya and his friends provide training in flower pot molding, do compound designing and sculpture molding to youth at affordable fees.
“We train any interested person for a period of   3 months. We have so far trained many people who have also opened up own businesses,’’ Natumanya said.
Some of the  flower pots under  molding  processes

Justus Asiimwe
I really love the brother hood exhibited for the period we have been together, I personally have managed to cater for my family in Kampala, and I am looking forward to starting my own side business.
Enock Kayabura
It’s all about passion, I really don’t regret being in this field, I call upon the youth to at least start small ventures just like us here.
 Andrew Nabaasa
 I appreciate peter for his initiative and willingness to work with us, I don’t think we would be here had he not partnered with us.
It is from this business that I get rent, and cater for my family as well.


Bird bath flower pot
painted flower  pots displayed on  sale

Natumanya displaying  some of the complete  pots
Natumanya  explaining on Towel  pot molded  in towel  cloths
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