People’s government stickers, tear gas canister, pistol detected in civilian’s car

Kyambadde Haruna displaying
UPDF ID found in his car

Tear Gas canister, pistol and other army property found in Haruna’s car

Police in Wandegeya Kampala is holding a suspect for allegedly possessing a government store at his home.

According to Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, SP Patrick Onyango, a suspect only identified as Kyambadde Kasiryo Haruna, resident of Lugala Masanafu, in Rubaga Division Kampala was yesterday Wednesday April15th,2020 at around 3 O’Clock intercepted by the officials at Wandegeya traffic lights checkpoints and dangerous weapons were discovered in his car Toyota Wish Reg No: UEB 038V.

Onyango stated that Wandegeya police D/CPL Bruce Amanya intercepted the motor vehicle driver to establish if he had a Driving sticker as part of enforcing the presidential directives in fighting the possible spread of the novel corona virus pandemic.

In the process, a toy gun (pistol), UPDF identity card, tear gas canister, people’s government stickers were obtained in the suspect’s car.
A photo shot of a toy gun detected in
Kyambadde’s car on Wed 15th April, 2020.
Courtesy pix: upf 
The suspect who upon interrogations pleaded was taking relief to the National Task force on corona virus was denied permission to proceed to the Office of the Prime Minister as he excused.

Detectives from the police rather drove him back to his home where among other more army- llike uniform (green in colour) and Breaking implements were detected.

Kyambadde is currently detained at Wandegeya Police Station on accounts of illegal possession of government stores and Breaking implements.

SP Onyango said the case file is being processed to produce the suspect before the courts of laws any time.

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