POEMS: The Parrots venture into poetry


A Red Rose
My love is a red rose flower,
That’s planted amidst the orchard,
My love is a morning bird,
That’s singing melodious tunes up in the tree,
My love is an oasis in the desert,
That quenches my thirsty,
My love is a Gustav gun,
That shoots on target at the last hour,
Till the moon kisses the land,
And the stars fall with the sky,
Or rocks melt with the sun,
I will love thee my dear.
By Leonard Kamugisha Akida
Evalyne my love.
Your love bright like a morning star,
At dawn you raise me up,
At dusk your rays set me a sleep,
Evalyne my love.
If this world’s Eden,
You are Eva, am Adam.
No serpent, No fruit’s forbidden,
All in Eden is ours.
Wherever you I shall go,
Till death parts us
Like arrow and bow, we’ll live,
Because you are my silver lining.
By Leonard KamugishaAkida.
Tis All That Heaven Allows
The past is gone forever,
Your parental love is ours no more,
Like sun, you raise and set,
Like a flower you blossom and wither,
You’re forever in our memories.
More to remember, less to forget,
Whatever good on earth,
Your hard work is attributed,
Your sons reechoes your efforts,
Nothing can be done, to fight your life back.
Rest eternally in your grave,
And perpetual light shine upon thy soul,
You wear an Angelus crown,
With Ancestral Abraham merrily live,
We can’t hold you back to breath,
Tis all that heaven allows.
By LeeonardKamugishaAkida.

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