President goes on streets buying potatoes.


Wonders will never cease extinction on the African continent and in continental politics.

Most of the prominent persons on the Blackman’s continent have been constrained by living a humble life hopping to gain public political sympathy as a mean of consolidating themselves in power.

Latest on spot is Zambian President Edgar Chagwa Lungu who was recently caught on cameras buying potatoes on the roadside in the Northern province of Zambia.

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Lungu, 64yrs was on a three days visit in the Northern province where had gone to visit the Nkweto Mumba of the Mpambe people as well as inspecting and commission of some projects such as Mporokoso – Kaputa Road, Zombe Livestock Quarantine and Check Point Centre, the Kaputa Water Reticulation Project among others.

As any typical African leader, he had a stopover at one of the market streets in the province to purchase some food stuff something political critiques describes as cheap popularity aimed at gaining sympathy from the public.

Most of his critiques looked at the behavior as rather being greed for mass sympathy than a sign humility.

It is a behavior by leaders in Africa doing bizzare things to gain full support and consolidate themselves in powers. These include: walking on streets unarmed, dining in slam ‘bufunda’ restaurants, joining groups of men on a drinking point, playing football with the young men and women (the youths), speaking in language jargons and slangs spoken by the youth, living or spending a day in Ghetto among others.

All these are done as a weapon of acquiring the love of the locals because most of them prefer being ruled by the “Omuntu was Wansi” a commoner to a rich person.

In spite of the available literature on leadership and modern politics, many Africans still believe that leaders brought up with a humble background understands better their standards of living than their well to do counterparts.

The poor constitutes of the biggest adult suffrage population in Northern Rhodesia ~ Zambia and on the continent as well.

To win the public support, politicians from well to do families have been forced to practice the poor life during political campaigns and after elections.

President Lungu is one of the leaders who have subscribed to this school of political thought.

As soon as he returned from the visit, he posted photos of himself shopping on a street.

“Marketeers are a constant reminder of my upbringing. They remind me of NY mother’s hardworking. They will always occupy a space in my heart. Took time to buy some potatoes for lunch while in the Northern province,” he posted.

This a washed social media and pulled worm comments from the local poor’s praising him as a heavenly King sent on the Zambian land.

Born on November 11th,2020, Lungu was elected the president of Zambia on January 23rd,2015 on United Party for National Development, Patriotic Front. He had earlier served as the minister of justice and minister of defense under the gov’t of President Michael Sata.

Has behaving like a common man become another qualifier for African politics?

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