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UN Known Gun Men On Run After Injuring A Gate Man In Kisoro


By Gilbert Akampa Kakurugu.


Policein Kisoro are hunting for an unknown assailants who shot and injured John Ndagije a casual worker and night watchman after which they put his boss one Charles Serutozi 55 yrs on gun point and tried to rob him.

It’s alleged that on 25th March,2023 at around 2245hrs, at Nango cell maziba ward Bunagana town council Kisoro district, three unknown gunmen attacked the home of one Charles Serutozi upon arrival from a near by social hangout.

It is said that the victim resisted to open the gate for them, which prompted them to shoot him on the head and sustained injuries.

Thereafter, they proceeded into the premises where they got Mr. Charles still in his vehicle registration number UBM 063N Toyota premio, put him on gun point and  asked for money.

However, their mission went bad when a group of family members who made an alarm that attracted many people and forced the robbers to flee the scene.

The victim was rushed to Mutolere hospital for treatment, a joint patrol team of police and UPDF responded immediately.

The scene was visited by police, documented, a canine introduced at the scene and an exhibit of a cartridge was recovered.

The suspects is still at large and inquiries ongoing, the case was recorded as CRB 213/2023 as confirmed by ASP Elly Maate the PRO Kigezi regional police.


Coffee Farmers In Nyakishenyi Are in Jolly Moods After The New Coffee Factory Started Working


By Gilbert Akampa Kakurugu,


On Wednesday 23rd March coffee farmers in Rwanyondo Nyakiswhenyi, Rukungiri district were seen jubilating after their coffee processing machine officially started working. Speaking to parrots the farmers said they have been finding hard times transporting their coffee for long distances to have it processed in order to add value and sell at a relatively fair price and compete favorably in the existing market.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mr. Wednesday Twinomujuni who is the sub county chairperson for Nyakishenyi thanked Mr. Alex Bob Rugonde for lobbying for them such an expensive machine and always supporting other activities like construction of feeder roads, sports among others geared to the development of their constituency and Rukungiri district at large.


He also said that the factory will not only benefit the government or the farmers but it will also employ people from there because of the manpower needed to work at the factory.

“When a factory is established here, people who will benefit most are farmers, leave alone the government or the investor” said Twinomujuni.

He said Mr Rugonde has also contributed to the construction of some cable bridges through Burungi Bwansi and this has earned them a chance to get donors who have also given support to construct more cable bridges after watching their videos on social media doing communal works on the roads and bridges that were in a poor state.

Donors  from the United states of America in partnership with the Ministry of Works and Transport are set to construct three cable bridges in Nyakishenyi sub county Rukungiri district in order to improve on service delivery and easy access to markets for their farm produce since Nyakishenyi is well known for coffee farming.

Cue in Wednesday on the factory

They will start with Kafujo bridge that will connect three villages of Rushebeya , Ndarangi and Kahama in Murama parish followed by Kigarama bridge in Ngoma parish and another bridge that will be connecting Nyakyishenyi to Buyanja subcounty through  Rwayundo parish.


Our reporter spoke to some of the jubilating coffee farmers who said they can’t wait for 2026 and vote Mr. Bob Alex Rugonde saying that he did a great job by providing them with coffee seedlings and now the coffee processing machine.

A one Atuhwere Andrew and Several others were heard calling Mr. Rugonde as Mr. Ntunguka (Development).

We also talked to Mr. Rugonde if he is planning to vie for the Rubabo seat that is currently occupied by Hon. Namanya Naboth who is there for his first term on the FDC ticket, he said he is very ready to represent the people of Rubabo.”I have managed to serve the people of Rubabo and Rukungiri at an individual level, why can’t I represent them if voted into office” said Rugonde.  Bob Alex Rugonde is a procurement officer at UCDA (Uganda Coffee Development Authority)

Alex Bob Rugonde the new face in Rubabo politics come 2026



Experts Call For Employee Satisfaction At Prudential HR Practice Report Launch



Prudential Uganda in partnership with PwC officially launched the 2nd edition of the Prudential Best HR Practices survey report on 24th March,2022. The survey is the second to be released by the company isince its inaugural launch in 2021.

The Prudential Best HR Practices Survey is a human capital and talent management survey aimed at giving employers an opportunity to hear from their employees on how they (the employees) assess their organization’s HR practices.

The last survey  that was conducted in 2022 focused on 14 sections: Company performance and confidence, reward and recognition, employee engagement and enablement, quality and innovation, employee wellness, diversity and inclusion, learning and development, workplace culture & environment, environmental, social and governance (ESG) compliance, digital acceleration or up skilling, performance and talent management, employee growth and development, organizational policy/process effectiveness, and organizational agility and change management.

While speaking at the award gala, Chief Executive Officer, Prudential Uganda, Tetteh Ayitevie said, “At Prudential, they firmly believe that the workplace should epitomize excellence. Given that individuals spend a significant portion of their lives at work, it is essential that the workplace continually evolves to meet the personal and professional aspirations of its employees. We understand that a pay cheque alone does not suffice; a conducive work environment that nurtures and empowers employees to attain their goals is vital”.

“We recognize that there is a direct correlation between a company’s culture and its performance. The culture of an organization can significantly affect employee satisfaction, productivity, and the overall bottom line. A strong culture can breed innovation, collaboration, and instill a sense of purpose among employees, while a weak culture can result in low morale, disengagement, and high staff turnover,” he added.

Uthman Mayanja, The Country Senior Partner, PwC Uganda said that the survey provides an invaluable resource for CEOs and HR professionals, offering critical insight into the most successful practices for recruiting, managing and retaining top talent.

Mr. Mayanja revealed, “This year, we saw an impressive 62% increase in the response rate, from 1,526 respondents last year to 2,450 respondents this year, representing 117 participating organizations. This is a testament to the increasing importance that organizations are placing on HR practices. Through this survey, we identified key trends in HR management practices and gain valuable insights into what matters most to employees in the workplace and their perceptions of various initiatives implemented by employers.”

According to Mayanja, the survey is a call to action for everyone to review and consider the best practices for human resource management, and organizations should take a proactive role in creating a better work environment for everyone by participating in the survey and making the necessary changes as well as build a healthier and more productive workplace.

“We congratulate all the winners and participants of the 2022 Best HR Practices Survey, and we urge all organizations to create an environment that boosts employee productivity which in the long run will boost socio-economic development for Uganda and the region,” Mr. Ayitevie

Dictator Museveni, Son Holding Uganda Captive

Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba

¶Family rule is a bad way to run a country¶
Many fathers have complicated relationships with their sons. But when a family controls the state, personal matters become a national concern. Uganda’s president, Yoweri Museveni, has long cultivated General Muhoozi Kainerugaba, his eldest, promoting him in the army and forgiving his tempestuous moods. And now the son thinks it is his turn at the top. The result is friction in the army, chaos in the ruling party and confusion in the country.

General Kainerugaba says he is “tired of waiting” to be president. Twice in recent weeks he has tweeted, then deleted, his intention to stand at the next election, in 2026. By then, he has noted pointedly, “it will be 40 years of the old generation in charge”. Forty years, that is, since his own father marched into Kampala at the head of a rebel army. Mr Museveni, who is 78, may indeed want his son to succeed him when he dies. But he is not going anywhere yet.

And so the 48-year-old General Kainerugaba, who styles himself as the voice of youth, throws tantrums on Twitter. In October he joked about invading Kenya, prompting his father to sack him from his position as commander of the Ugandan land forces. In December he lashed out at the ruling National Resistance Movement (nrm), the party that Mr Museveni founded and leads. It is “probably the most reactionary organisation in the country”, he tweeted, and “certainly does not represent the people of Uganda”. He often tweets after a tipple, say insiders.

The son’s impatience echoes that of other middle-aged members of the ruling elite, who find their path blocked by obdurate elders. They see the regime’s authority slipping and fear there will be little left for them to inherit. The old guard is pushing back. General Kainerugaba’s clique are “children” who have been “shepherded”, says Kahinda Otafiire, the 72-year-old interior minister, who fought alongside Mr Museveni in the bush. “Were they to face the challenges we faced, when they are not prepared, will they manage to hold the country together?”

The agitation of General Kainerugaba also touches the most sensitive issue in Ugandan politics: relations with neighbouring Rwanda. He has made several visits to Kigali to hobnob with President Paul Kagame, whom he calls “uncle”, and has declared his sympathies with his “brothers” in m23, a Rwanda-backed rebel outfit in eastern Congo. That unsettles other officers who are deeply distrustful of Rwanda’s intentions. But the first son refers to the Ugandan forces as “my army” and shows no inclination to be bound by its rules.

Tensions came to a head last June when m23 captured the Congolese border town of Bunagana with the acquiescence of Ugandan soldiers, who let the rebels move through Ugandan territory. Two weeks later the deputy military chief put the army on its highest state of alert. General Kainerugaba issued his own countermanding order. Other generals berated him for insubordination. One of his close associates, who would discuss the matter only anonymously, claims the first son disobeyed orders because he thought a coup was afoot.

Anyone else who behaved in this fashion would be court-martialled. But General Kainerugaba shows no signs of pulling back. He has said that those organising for his father’s re-election are “gangsters, criminals and disasters”. He is now holding rallies to promote the “mk Movement”, named after himself. It stands for little except his own ego.

Such are the symptoms of political decay. Over his four decades in power, Mr Museveni’s trust has narrowed in concentric circles: first to his own region, then to his ethnic group, then to his family. Debates about the future of the nation are now reduced to whispers about palace politics. While he is healthy, the president holds all the cards. It remains unlikely that any of the jostling factions in the army would move against him. But it is no longer unthinkable.

Why then does Mr Museveni not pull his son into line? Some say he sees the kerfuffle as a convenient distraction from his never-ending rule; others say that he cannot bear to crush his own. It would not matter so much, had he not gathered all power in his own hands. ■

This article appeared in the Middle East & Africa section of the print edition under the headline “Not now, son”

Seven Pharmacies and Twenty One Drug Shops Closed Over Lack of licenses


By Gilbert Akampa Kakurugu,


Yesterday National Drug Authority concluded 14 –day compliance enforcement operation targeting drug outlets in six districts of Lwengo, Masaka,Mpigi, Masaka city and Wakiso. Some of the pharmacies that were closed are; Karodama Pharmacy, Kate Jam pharmacy, General top care pharmacy among others.

During the operation, a total of seven pharmacies and twenty one drug shops that were operating without licenses or with unqualified personnel were closed and 109 boxes of assorted medicines worth 30 million Ugandan shillings were impounded.

Boxes of assorted medicines that were impounded

This operation was in line with NDA’s mandate to protect and promote public health through effective regulation of human and animal drugs and health care products, said Abiaz Rwamwiru the authority PRO. He added that NDA informs the operators of outlets whose drugs were impounded to visit their central region offices found at Akamwesi Mall- Kyebando Kampala to be guided on how to comply in order to receive back their drugs.

NDA also reminded all drug outlet operators that license renewal for the year 2023 started on 1st November, 2022. NDA warns all those who are still operating without licenses or qualified supervising personnel to halt all operations until the licensing requirements are all fulfilled.

NDA also appeals to the public to always buy drugs only from pharmacies and drug shops that are licensed and to remain vigilant and report anyone suspected to be involved in drug crimes.

1661 Graduate At Bishop University 18th Graduation


By Gilbert Akampa Kakurugu,


BishopStuart University held its 18th graduation ceremony at its sports grounds in Riverside, Kakoba Mbarara.

Graduands from different courses were awarded PhDs, masters, bachelors degrees, diplomas, and certificates in four faculties of Law, Education, Business Nursing, and Agriculture.

The function was graced by different dignitaries, including Dr. Chris Baryomunsi the Minister for ICT who represented the Minister of Education and Sports, who is also the First Lady of Uganda, the University Chancellor Rt Rev Bishop Sheldon Mwesigwa, and Vice-Chancellor Associate Professor Gershom.

A total of 1661 graduands were awarded degrees on this graduation ceremony, with 10 of them being awarded first class honors. These ten were awarded recognition certificates and a prize of 500,000 UGX by the university.

Dr.Baryomunsi in his speech thanked the Board of Trustees for supporting government initiatives. “Today, we live in a global village where technology is evolving and we should continue to develop external partnerships,” he said. He called upon the university administration to keep supporting strict policies from the regulators, especially the humanization of curriculum,” he added.

The minister urged the graduands to celebrate the day as it had been a journey of hard labor, endurance, and commitment. In a message sent by Hon. Janet Museveni, she encouraged the graduands to make the most of the friends they made on this journey and those yet to come.

The University Chancellor, Rt. Rev Sheldon Mwesigwa, reminded the graduands that they were in a Christian university and everything is done there was by God. He encouraged them to not forget God in everything they do and to always pray and thank Him.

One of the graduands miss. Kyasimire Pereth who has graduated with a bachelors degree in procurement logistics and management.  Pereth is also a police officer in the department of investigations attached to Ruti police post in Ruti ward, Mbarara city. She said she is very happy for this day.

Kyasimire Pereth one of the procurement logistics and chain management graduands.

It’s been a struggle and sacrifice across.” I also thank my parents for their support in everything” she said.

We also met Mr. Sedrack Otafiire who graduated with a diploma in nursing and also works with the mighty children’s hospital in Mbarara (Holy Innocents) Nyamitanga.

Mr. Otafire Sedrack a staff at Holy innocents children’s hospital Mbarara who graduated with a diploma in nursing science.

Among other jolly graduands we talked to were Birungi Hariet, journalist with Vision group (Radio West), Mr. Muhereza Valentine AKA Kachina who graduated with a bachelors degree in media and journalism.They said they give glory back to God for the gift of life and the far he has brought them.

Miss. Birungi Hariet and Mr. Muhereza Valentine AKA Kachina both Vision group journalists graduated to with bachelors degree in media and journalism








UPC, POA Discuss Uganda – South Africa Relations

UPC president Hon. Jimmy M Akena hosting a delegation of POA from South Africa at party offices, Uganda House Kampala on Thursday 23rd March, 2023. Photo Credit: UPC Press Team

By Watera Atai, 


Uganda’s second oldest political party UPC on Thursday 23rd March, 2023 met with a delegation from South Africa’s novice political party, Party of Action (POA) to discuss the two countries relations.

The POA delegation was led by their Party President Cde. Billy Myaku, Women League Leader,  Maria Malele, Roselina Tshailane – Women League member, Secretary General Mamoremi Koma and Limpopo Province Chairperson Tumelo N. They were hosted by the UPC president Hon. Jimmy Akena at Party Headquarters Uganda House in the company of the Secretary General of Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) Hon. Alira David P. Opii whom they share the same ideology with.

According to Faizo Muzeyi, the UPC head of media and communications, the purpose of the meeting was to trace the historical and ideological links between UPC, Uganda and South Africa given their great role in the liberation of African countries. The POA delegation was also on a fact finding mission on why the UPC was overthrown twice from government and how the Party has managed to wither the storm against all odds.

UPC Ramadan Message


“The Party President offered enough time and shared experience(s) on the highlighted matters,” Muzeyi noted

Before the Party President addressed POA delegation, the Party Head of Ideology, Research and Documentation Dept/Head UPC ideology School as well as Patron of The Mulungushi Club Comrade Lwanga Christopher presented a paper titled;  “UPC and Uganda relations in the struggle to end apartheid Government in South Africa”  shading more knowledge and giving a lot of clarifications on the key areas of interest by the delegates.

South African POA delegation in a photo session with UPC officials at party headquarters, Uganda House Kampala. Photo taken on Thursday 23rd March, 2023 by UPC Press Team

Speaking at the meeting, the hostess Cde. Billy Myaku appreciated the UPC leadership for the warmest reception accorded to them and sharing such a rich literature. He said they reached out to UPC because it’s one of the experienced Independence Political Parties in Africa with a track record on Nationalism, Pan-Africanism and International relations.

The host, Hon. Jimmy Akena and Lira City East Division MP reminded the delegation of the UPC, Uganda and South Africa far long bond relationship that even witnessed other African countries attain their independence. He assured the delegation that UPC is open to discussions with such domestic and foreign sister political parties.


Present in the meeting was the UPC Ass. Secretary General Cde. Bakkabulindi Ben Kigongo, National Workers Leader Cde. Osinde Michael, Chief Administrative Secretary Cde. Baliraine David, Ass. Head of Ideology Research and Documentation Dept Cde. Amon Bagarukayo, Regional Vice Chairperson of Greater Kampala Cde. Akomo Gideon, Personal Assistant to Party President Cde. Muramuzi Donald, UPC South Africa Bureau Chief Cde. Benson Katundu and PPP Legal Secretary Mr. Ochwo Timothy.

POA is one of the youngest Political Parties in South Africa founded in 2018.

Kisoro Residents Benefit From Revenue Sharing Fund By UWA

Water harvesting tanks that were given to the residents

By Gilbert Akampa Kakurugu,


Residents of Gitenderi and Rukongi parish in Nyarusiza Sub County in Kisoro district yesterday received items worth 130 million shillings as part of revenue sharing fund.

The items are 12 tents to the villages in Gitenderi parish and 90 rain water harvesting tanks to 90 selected residents of Rukongi parish and were delivered by Nyarusiza Sub County in Kisoro district.

Nyarusiza sub county was allocated over 180 million shillings out of the over 790 million shillings that was received by the district as the 20% revenue share on income generated from tourism for the year 2022.

A section of residents commended Uganda Wildlife Authority and the government of Uganda for always giving back to residents near the national parks saying that it will always motivate them to conserve them more.


The LC1 chairperson of Gitenderi parish said that the tents are a source of shade on local functions that will reduce encroachments on Mgahinga national parks in search for poles to make local tents.

Beneficiaries from Rukongi parish said that the water tanks provided to them are a great addition to their families because water access has been a challenge especially after Kabiranyuma water ceased.

Water harvesting tanks that were given to residents by UWA


The Nyarusiza LCIII Chairman, Nsabimana Erasmus asked the beneficiary parish residents to improve their good partnership with UWA especially in conservation if they must benefit more.



The Nyarusiza sub county chief, Sebagabo Davidi asked residents to always plan for more sustaining projects if they are to benefit better from revenue sharing funds. The Kisoro district assistant Chief administrative officer (ACAO), Manase Rukundo advised residents to live in harmony with Mgahinga national park because more visible and invisible benefits are still coming to them because of the park.

The Warden In-charge of Mgahinga National Park asked residents to utilise well items received to create more wealth amongst them. He revealed that there are other World Bank projects in Nyarusiza like tree planting, improved stoves among others which are boosters of development in the sub county, added to other government ventures.

Uganda Prison Service Demands For More Health Workers


By Gilbert Akampa Kakurugu,



Prisons Service (UPS) has appealed to Members of Parliament to advocate for increase of the wage of the correctional body from Shs12.1 billion to Shs18.2 billion to enable recruitment of health workers.

The prisons representatives, alongside Uganda Police Force made the appeal while appearing before the Committee on HIV/AIDS on 21 March 2023.

The Assistant Commissioner of Health in the prisons service, Dr. James Kisamu said that recruitment of more health workers will facilitate health service delivery at prison health units.

“The current health worker force is at 25 per cent for 267 prison facilities. About only 50 per cent facilities have health workers while the remaining 50 per cent seek for health care at community based Ministry of Health facilities,” said Kisamu.

He added that prisoners who seek medical attention at community based health facilities are limited by distances and the need for security during the process.

Kisamu also called for affirmative action to ensure that the Ministry of Health accredits prisons facilities to enable prisoners and staff have access to adequate health care.

“The health services in the prisons differ from those in the community because of the uniqueness of the prisons environment. However, the mandate to accredit health facilities lies with the Health Ministry which established the standards without making due consideration for unique institutions,” he said.

Kisamu also advocated for provision of funds to upgrade three Health Centre III’s to Health Centre IV’s at Gulu, Jinja and Kakiika prisons.

“To achieve increased standard of health care to the level of that provided in the community, funds should be provided. As Uganda Prisons Services grapples with overcrowding, the available infrastructure development fund is focused on providing accommodation,” said Kisamu.

Meanwhile, the Assistant Inspector General of Police and Director of Police Health Service, Dr. Moses Byaruhanga asked the committee to advocate for separate budget line for HIV/AIDS to yield better results in the fight against the virus in the Force.

“The challenge is that the budget for health is a block budget and as such, HIV/AIDS is not prioritized,” said Byaruhanga.

He also raised concern over the appalling state of welfare of police officers, saying that the situation is worsening because of increasing population.

“The number of officers has increased with no budget for expansion. When you go upcountry where some facilities are co-funded by donors and the population is not high, their facilities are fair but in urban areas, the conditions are dire,” he said.

The lawmakers however, expressed disappointment with the failure by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Maj. Gen. (Rtd) Kahinda Otafiire to appear before the committee, saying issues raised are best discussed with him.

The Committee Chairperson, Hon. Sarah Netalisire said that the committee could not respond to the budget requests because they should be raised by the Minister.

“The minister should come and we support him as a committee. I know you are representing him but if I asked you political questions, will you be able to respond,” Netalisire asked.

She said that she has written to the minister three times, requesting him to appear before the committee, in vain.

Hon. Julius Acon (NRM, Otuke County) said that while the committee is willing to support the request for increased funding for the security organs, the minister’s reluctance to appear before the committee casts doubt on his seriousness.

“The minister needs to take this committee seriously. Some ministers undermine committee work. How then shall we support him when these issues are raised on the Floor of Parliament? You need to take feedback to him,” Acon said.

Bughendera County MP, Hon. Moses Acrobat described the minister’s failure to appear as embarrassing.

“All issues discussed concern the minister. We have two ministers and I would love that the committee summons these ministers. I am dismayed that even you the chairperson did not receive a formal apology,” said Acrobat.

Shs2.3 Billion Covid-19 Machine Unused


By Gilbert Akampa Kakurugu,


Members of the Public Accounts Committee (Central Government) have expressed concern over a Shs2.3 Billion Covid-19 machine which has never been used three years after its purchase.

The committee chaired by Hon. Medard Sseggona was on Wednesday, 22 March 2023 interfacing with former staff of the defunct Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MoSTI) over the Auditor General’s forensic investigations report into the Covid-19 funds.

According to the report of the Auditor General, on 24 June 2020, the ministry paid Shs5.1 billion to M/S Micro Haem Scientifics and Medical Supplies for the purchase and installation of R&D pieces of equipment for Ugandan scientists to support Covid-19 diagnostics and the development of vaccines and therapeutics.

However, while interfacing with the committee, Dianah Katiti, former contracts manager at the now defunct Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation revealed shocking details about the wastage of the Shs2.3 billion Covid-19 machine.

The machine, which was meant to aid in the fight against the pandemic, remains uninstalled, with both an expired warranty and starter kit.

Although the equipment was initially procured at Shs1.6 billion, the manufacturer revealed that the equipment would not function optimally without the accessories and reagents.

Government paid additional Shs757 million to make it Shs2.3 billion.

She also told the committee that some of the accessories of the assorted medical equipment had gone obsolete.

“It was still at the warehouse, there is a list of equipment for that project. We delivered all except two. They were not installed and we are waiting for instructions on installing them,” she said.

According to Katiti, the machine was supposed to be installed at the Good Laboratory Practice facility for Professor Moses Joloba of Makerere University, but he has not cleared them.

Sseggona said that there was money lost in the purchase of the equipment and the fact that to date the machine has not been installed.

“The failure to provide equipment installation space and put the equipment to use implies that no value for money has been realized.” He said.

Budadiri West Member of Parliament, Hon. Nathan Nandala Mafabi questioned why the machine was procured with urgency, but to date, not installed.

Nandala Mafabi also asked Katiti to explain why the machine purchased was priced higher than the prices on the internet.

She said that the cost of over Shs2.3 billion involved purchase, transport, installation, and training of the expert.

Sseggona also tasked the team of the former ministry by former Permanent Secretary, David. O.O Obong to present all documents related to accountability, including letters to Minister Monica Musenero who was the leader of the Presidential Initiative on Epidemics (PRESIDE).

Shame On You!🤣🤣

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