Afande Maurice Abongo receives triumphant welcome to Misanvu TC from prison


By Leonard Kamugisha Akida,


It was triumphs in Misavu Town council Bukomansimbi district as residents welcomed Afande Maurice Abongo from prison where he had spent three days on allegations of leaking security secrets named as “classified information” about Masaka killings to parliamentary committee.

Abongo, who also doubles as the Officer in Charge of Misanvu Police post was on Wednesday arrested by detectives from Masaka Central Police Station (CPS) on interrogation over disclosing presumed ‘‘classified information’’ about the recent killings of close to 30 people in Masaka sub region.

According to reports, the officer disclosed security secrets presumed as “classified information” to Parliamentary committee on defence and internal affairs during a meeting held at Kibinge Sub County headquarters in Bukomansimbi District on Tuesday.

Upon hearing the news of his release on Friday night, residents who had expressed dissatisfaction at the security actions gathered from as across Kibinge sub-county to give their darling, Afande Abongo, a triumph welcome from police cells.

Residents singing songs of praise thronged Abongo and lifted him off a motorbike as hailing him for the tremendous work he does in keeping their village secure.

Hassan Bugembe, a close friend to Abongo said he is a very competent serving officer who had tried so much to stabilize the Kibinge Sub County.

“We did not feel happy at all when we heard that Abong had been summoned after the remarks he made in the meeting with the legislators. We are glad that he’s back on duty,” he said.

Security had earlier on declined to comment on the matter noting that it was being handled internally.

“If they are matters of discipline, we don’t have to publicize them in media houses but instead handle them as a family,” Southern spokesperson Muhammad Nsubuga on Friday.

Bukomansimbi is one of the districts where assailants first dropped leaflets warning residents of attacks.

In one of the letters, the assailants asked the officer-in-charge of Misanvu Police Station, Maurice Abongo, to provide them with two guns to help them in their activities.

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