APP to monitor Trees being developed


By Isaac Tayebwa,

PARROTS UG | Conservation Report:

Bismac Amumpaire Moses, a climate change activist has revealed that a unique software App is being developed to monitor Trees in Uganda.

Amumpaire who did not divulge into the details of the developer, said the App will help tree farmers to register their planted and adopted trees.

“This App will enable tree planters to record photos and videos of their trees as well as monitoring them,” he said.

He made the remarks on Sunday 8th August, 2021, during the launch of the campaign to give trees pet names for conservation at Uganda Wildlife Education Conservation Centre- UWEC also known as Entebbe Zoo in Entebbe municipality Wakiso district.

The campaign was launched by Martin Muggara, the tourism state minister and was initiated by African Tourism and Environment Initiative (ATEI), aiming at naming trees with preferential names and celebrating their existence every year.

According to Amumpaire, one of the initiators of the “Pet a Tree” campaign, the new APP when completed will be able to capture Global Positioning System (GPS) as well as coordinating where each tree will have been planted.

“The APP will be able to give monthly and annual reminders to tree owners so that they can celebrate the trees birthdays,” Amumpaire said.

Parrots UG has learned that the Pet a Tree campaign is already ongoing in areas where it has been adopted such as the Toro kingdom which has allocated a five acres land towards the initiative.

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