Beirut Explosions: Lebanese defence council declares Beirut a ‘Disaster Zone.”


Labanese City Beirut has been declared a disasters stricken city moments after massive explosions on Tuesday ripped the town leaving behind hundred deaths and more others wounded.

Labanese President Michel Aoun called an urgent meeting with the Lebanon’s  High National Defence Council, which brings together the president and all major security agencies which declared Beirut a disaster-zone city.

“At least 78 people have been killed and some 4,000 wounded in a massive explosion at the port in the capital, Beirut.” Media reports.

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The council meeting at the Baabda presidential palace which was also attended by Prime Minister Hassan Diab, Resolved that:

– An investigation committee has been tasked to say who was responsible for the blast within five days.

– The families of victims will be paid compensation.

– Import traffic will be routed to the Tripoli port in northern Lebanon.

PM Diab declared Wednesday day of mourning threatening to revenge on whoever is responsible for the disastrous blasts.

“What happened will not pass without accountability,” said Diab.”Those responsible for this catastrophe will pay the price.”

The explosion caused trauma across the city and its outskirts causing widespread damages on lives, buildings and other properties.

The cause of the explosion was not immediately clear. Officials linked the explosion to some 2,700 tonnes of confiscated ammonium nitrate that were being stored in a warehouse at the port for six years.

Others pinned Isreal to have a hand in the bombings however, Isreal officials refuted the allegations arguing that Israel has nothing to do with a huge explosion at the Beirut port area.

“Israel has nothing to do with the incident,” the official said on condition of anonymity.

Among the dead is Secretary General of the country’s oldest political party; the Lebanese Kataeb Party. Party officials have announced.

The headquarters of the Kataeb Party is located right next to the port where the blasts occurred.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun assembled the country’s High Defence Council following the explosion.

PM calls for day of mourning on Wednesday

Lebanese President Michel Aoun has called for an emergency meeting of the country’s Supreme Defence Council, according to the presidency’s Twitter account.

Prime Minister Hassan Diab has called for a day of mourning on Wednesday.

A massive explosion has rocked Lebanon’s capital, Beirut, causing many casualties, damaging buildings and shattering windows.

The blast, which flattened much of the capital’s port, was felt across the city as a giant mushroom cloud rose above it.

Israel not involved in Beirut explosion, Israeli official says

Israel has nothing to do with a huge explosion at the Beirut port area, an Israeli official has said.

“Israel has nothing to do with the incident,” the official said on condition of anonymity.

Secretary General of Lebanese Kataeb Party among the dead

Among the dead is the Secretary General of the Lebanese Kataeb Party, the party has announced.

The headquarters of the Kataeb Party, one of the oldest parties in the country, is located right next to the port.

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