Besigye spends night in kernel like cell at Nagalama

Kernel like cell which Besigye, 2 others are being detained

By Shivan Tuhirirwe
The police have ardently refused to release the political pressure group leader of People’s Front for Transition (PFT), Rtd Col Dr Kizza Besigye who was arrested yesterday.

Dr. Besigye was on Tuesday arrested in Down Town Kampala as he held protests against escalating prices of commodities in the country at Arua Park in Kampala.

Police first drove him to unknown place but his lawyers later established that he had been put under custody at Nagalama police station in Mukono.

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He was arrested alongside other political activists including Samuel Walter Lubega Mukaaku and Fred Kato among others who are being detained in different city detentions.

Despite attempts by Besigye’s lawyers to have him and others released or put under house arrest as it has been the case, police has said that the matter will be sorted in court.

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Erias Lukwago, the lawyer to Dr Kizza Besigye is displeased to the state of prison inwhich his client spent a night.

“We have asked police to release Dr or take him back to his home in Kasangati, but they have refused because they are on orders to keep him inside until further instructions tomorrow.” Lukwago said

According to Lukwago, the prison room where Besigye is detained does not air inlets and outlets, dirty as a kernel something that violates his rights as a prisoner.

“The cell inwhich they are locked is so dark, has no windows and its as dirty as a dog kernel”, he added

Parrots UG has learned that police intends to charge Besigye and other persons arrested with him on different counts.

According to reliable sources, Besigye will be charged with inciting violence, Mukaaku will be charged with organizing demonstrations while Besigye’s driver is being accused of violating traffic rules.

Other supporters who were arrested during the peaceful demonstration including Auma Tamali Robina are being detained at CPS Kampala on yet to establish charges

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