BIZZARE: Elephants Eat Shs 7.3m Notes In Kitgum,


By Acen Tracy Oiko and Lady Heart Tina,
Residents of Masese village Namakora sub-county Kitgum District on Friday witnessed a bizzare happening in their area after a family claimed that marauding elephants have eaten their money notes worth shillings 7.3 million.


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The incident happened during an attack by roaming elephants from Kidepo National Game Park in Kitgum District in the wee hours of Friday December3.

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According to Albino Ocan, the head of the family that lost the money, said they had kept the money in a granary store together with other food items.

Ocan says that Shs 5m was savings from the sale of products like Sim Sim, millet, sunflower and other grains whereas the Shs 2.3 m belonged to one of his sons who had sold his sunflower harvests and requested his mother to keep the money for him.

He added that part of the 5 million shillings was supposed to pay bride price (dowry) of his daughter in law calling to Uganda Wildlife Authority for compensation.

Attempts to speak to UWA officials in the district were futile by publication time.

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