Brick makers in Mbarara want gov’t to support their business

MBARARA: Brick makers in Mbarara city have asked government to allocate funds to brick making business to help in a smooth running of their projects.

The brick makers who say their economy has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic accuse government of discriminating them from the lists of vulnerable persons to receive COVID-19 relief cash.

A dumper truck carrying water drums at Kirehe brick mine in Nyamitanga Division Mbarara city.

Dezi Byamanywoha, a father to four operating brick making in Kirehe Nyamitanga Division Mbarara city narrated this reporter that brick makers like any other group of people were affected by the lockdown and therefore should be given financial support from the government.

He stressed that schools and other institutions were the major markets for their businesses but their closure has since limited the demand.

Another brick maker who never wanted to be disclosed told our reporter  that the people involved in registration exercise of persons to benefit from the COVID-19 relief cash famously known as Nabbanja money left out many vulnerable groups. This source is doubtless the registrars included members of their families and friends to as beneficiaries.

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