Cáfé Javas denies serving dead rat to client


By Leonard Kamugisha Akida,
Business: City fully-flegged food hub, Cafe Javas has dismissed circulating videos alleging that they on
“Tuesday served milkshake to a client with a dead rat inside.
“A false story circulating in sections of social media has been brought to our attention. We would like tp provide a true accounts of events based on information from our staff and CCTV footages to our esteemed customers and the public,” Cafe Javas said.

On Tuesda, while at Cafe Javas, two clients placed take away orders for Oreo and Caramel milkshake which the restaurant prepared.

Cafe javas which admits recepient and serving of the orders to the same customers was however left in shocks a day later when the client complained that one of the orders contained vermin (a dead rat).

Hardly had the management received customers’ complaint when they pledged to carry out investigatuons immediately to verify the allegations.

According to a press statement by Cafe Javas, a verification exercise for the preparation and service of milkshake was conducted with a review of CCTV footage, results of which confirmed that there were no adulterations of the milkshake and the customer was duly informed about the findings.

The client still dissatisfied with the sellers’ findings, demanded largesums of money in form of compensation which management did not disclose its amount threatening to release a video of her trocious incident.

“A quick investigation including a review of our CCTV footages of the preparation and service of milkshake confirmed that there was no adulteration of milkshake. The customer was duly informed of the findings to which she revealed by threatening to circulate a video of her version if she was not paid a certain sum of money,” Cj said in a statement.

When the restaurant management rejected to obey to thedemands, the client then circulated a video which has awashed social media accussing the restaurant management of negligence as she threatened to hire lawyers and sue her service provider.

In defence of the allegations, the restaurant management which insists there were no adulterations in the preparation and service of the milkshake, says the client did this with a hidden motive.

”…these allegations are in bad faith, untrue, malicious and intended to bring our business into disrepute,” Cj said.

They added that the circulation of the video has since led to distortion of their business logo something that has affected the running of their business.

Preparation of milkshake contains blending which disables any solid objects such as vermin from remaining in the containers unblended. It therefore unclear on how a dead rat was adultered into a milkshake since footages by the restaurant do not indicate anyone adultering the preparation and service of the milkshake.

This has created bais in the minds of the public that the client may have done so with an intention to damage the image of the restaurant.

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