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Mojisola Obazuaye, career coach and HR consultant

By Mojisola Obazuaye,


What to consider when navigating differently your career journey?

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As daunting as it may be, for so many of us, at some stage in our lives, we would need to navigate differently on our career journeys.

It could be that you want to explore a different path or acquire new skills or move into the next stage of your career or move laterally on your career journey…..

Here are a few things to consider if trying to navigate differently on your career journey:

1. Be true to yourself. Understand that you need this change even if you don’t know how.

2. Accept things you can’t change. For example, I should have taken that job 3 years ago. Just let all that go!

3. Write down your options. Think about your strengths, skills and what would make you truly happy, fulfilled and things that can possibly help you achieve your goals. Move those thoughts from your head to your own personal journal or writing pad.

4. Find trusted Mentors/Coach that you can speak to. For clarity and accountability, this step is important. Highly recommend a Coach. Best for helping you design a plan and holding you accountable.

5. Let your Manager/People Leader know what you want and ask for their help. People leads find joy in helping their people succeed, especially if your organisation drives this.

6. Find and speak to people who have taken this path before. Learn from as many people as possible. Remember, learning from other people’s experiences is still one of the best ways to learn. Always remember to do what is best for you.

7. Take calculated risks. A lot of times, a detour can lead us to the right path. And amazingly, we rarely fail, we learn from taking detours.

8. Be patient with yourself. Although not always easy, patience is a virtue we must all embrace and delight ourselves in, especially when it comes to the journey of growth.

9. On all our journeys, no one size fits all. However, in the journey of life, we are all connected. In simple words, what you are going through, someone else has experienced before. Refer to point 6.

10. Finally, life is a journey, and in the journey of life, change is a constant thing. So, don’t be afraid of changing till you achieve your goals.

πŸ“In summary, try using ABCDE:

A: Areas you are interested in – know enough about this.

B: Best skills for the area

C: Clarity for how best to move now. Take baby steps, it leads to the big steps.

D: Drive the change you want to see

E: Excel one step at a time.

What other tips will you add? What did you do while navigating a change. Please share in the comments.

Mojisola Obazuaye, The author is a Career & Life Cheerleader, HR / Recruitment consultant. E-mail:

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