Court adjourns IGG appeal against Eng Byandala

Eng Abraham Byandala

By Leonard Kamugisha Akida,


Court has adjourned the hearing of an appeal filed by the Inspector General of Government challenging the decision of the Anti-corruption court to acquit former works and Transport Minister Eng. Abraham Byandala of the Mukono -Katosi road scam.

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The appeal has been adjourned by three justices led by Deputy Chief Justice Richard Buteera, after-parties informed the court that they were not ready to proceed with the hearing. It has been pushed to the next convenient session.

During his time as the minister of works and transport, Eng Byandala contracted a fake chinnese company, EUTAU construction to upgrade the Mukono-Katosi road. He was dragged into court but in 2018, the Anti-corruption court acquitted him.

In a ruling, the Anti-Corruption Court Judge Lawrence Gidudu said the former minister was driven by political and goodwill motives rather than criminal to sign the contract with a fake EUTAU construction company to upgrade Mukono Katosi road because it had become politically sensitive and known for sparking off riots due to delays in its construction.

The IGG was dissatisfied with the decision of Justice Gidudu, and appealed before the Court of Appeal seeking to overturn it.

In the appeal, the IGG states that she is dissatisfied with the decision of the Anti-corruption court to let Eng Byandala out of the hook and three others Eng. Berunado Kimeze Ssebugga, Marvin Baryaruha, and Isaac Mugote on all counts of abuse of office, causing financial loss and disobeying her lawful orders.

They were charged with Abuse of office and theft of 24.7 billion shillings that were meant to up-grade the Mukono-Katosi- Nyenga road saying there unfair.

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