Court sets Friday as date to hear Pr. Bugingo divorce case

House of Prayer Ministries International lead Pastor Bugingo kneeling before his new catch Susan Makula at the pulpit during the Independence Night prayers on Saturday.

By Leonard Kamugisha Akida,


The High Court Family Division in Kampala has set Friday 15th October as the dates for hearing the case in which the House of Prayer Ministries International (HPMI) lead pastor, Aloysius Bugingo is seeking to divorce with his matrimonial wife, Teddy Naluswa Bugingo.

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According to court notice which Parrots UG has seen, Family Division Judge, Dr. Joseph Murangira has announced the dates after mediation attempts between the couples became futile.

“Take notice that hearing of the suit has been fixed for October 15 at 3 O’clock in the afternoon or soon thereafter as the case can be heard. If no appearance is made by yourself or your pleaders, or someone for you, the case will be heard and decided in your absence,” read excerpts of the notice.

It should be recalled that in 2019 Pr. Bugingo and his wife Teddy Naluswa Bugingo got misunderstandings leading to illegal seperation with each party accusing the other of disrespecting their matrimonial vows.

Bugingo alleged that him and his Children Mama had irreconcilable indifferences such as being in constant communications with his undisclosed rival pastors something the prompted him to file a divorce suit to dissolve the marriage.

In one of the videos purported to Pastor Bugingo, he was heard saying that he had preserved too much patience with his wife during the time she suffered from constant bleeding. The man of God, in the video disclosed that he had been denied his conjugal rights for over 10yrs.

However, Teddy Naluswa Bugingo who has since started her own church in Bat Valley maintains that she had never been disrespectful to her husband and vowed never to accept dissolution of their marriage.

Reliable sources at Canana Land in Kikoni Makerere where the Pastor’s church is situated, told reports that the couple’s marital misunderstandings originates from disagreements over the purchase of Church Land but Naluswa has since denied the allegations.

Pastor Bugingo has on different occassions said it piblicly at his pulpit that he will never reunite with Naluswa and affirm to his cause of actions, he has since defected his marital home in Entebbe for a new home where he married his employee at Salt Media, a young beatiful looking lady, Susan Makula Bugingo.

“Even if you bring God to sit here, I will never get back with Teddy,” Pr. Bugingo publicly said in one of his fellowships at Canaan Land.

Insiders at the HPMI say that Bugingo is pushing the divorce suit to give him room to legally wed his new catch, Susan Makula Bugingo who he currently is cohabiting with.

It should be noted that court has severally attempted to reconcile the couple and set different mediators such as Bishop Joshua Lwere, the general overseer of the National Fellowship of the Born Again and Pentecostal Churches of Uganda and the UNRA Executive Director, Allen Kagina but Bugingo has rejected the mediators accusing them of being biased.

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