Desperate youths denounces Museveni’s victory, threats to disrupt his swearing- in.


 Police in Jinja are investigatin circumstances under which unidentified goons stormed the City center and set up petrol bombs ,terrorizing locals.

The gangster youth who were dressed in hoods and masks dropped leaflets and burned tyres on the streets Southern division on Tuesday afternoon.

The leaflets carried messages denouncing President Yoweri Museveni’s election victory.

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“No swearing-in. We need our victory,” read the printed statement on the leaflets.

The youths also dropped mineral water bottles containing petrol that was packed in sacks containing old tireS.

The suspects reportedly littered the Mainstreet, Ghokale road, and Obote Way before fleeing into thin air at a breakneck speed on numberless motorcycles.


Police say they were alerted by locals police who heard a big blast from the sack.

Abbey Ngako, the Kiira Region police spokesperson says they suspect this group of unknown youths could be part of a bigger group that wants to destabilize peace in the City.

He says police has already started ground work to curb the culprits and they are treating it is an act of terrorism .

”I can’t tell their motive but if it is something that has to do with fire, then they want to burn the city, but this is an act of terrorism, which we shall not allow in Jinja and Uganda as a whole. We are going to follow until we get the right persons because we suspect there should be some other group which is behind this”.he stated.

Ngako says everything is calm in the city now and surveillance of the suspects.

Earlier this week, Uganda People’s Defence Forces-UPDF issued a stern warning against people plotting to disrupt the forthcoming swearing in ceremony of President Yoweri Museveni.

This is after they confiscated printed material with a message inciting the public to protest the ceremony.

The UPDF spokesperson Brig Flavia Byekwaso recently warned that the force will not keep a dead eye to take serious action aganist any individual involved in such acts

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