Diana Nabatanzi responds to her alleged sextape

About two weeks ago, a private video leaked on social media and as usual many tweeps ran on their handles to conclude how the girl seen in the video was non other than BBS TV presenter Diana Nabatanzi

If you got a chance to see the clip, then you would have little reason to blame all the tweeps who were saying it was Diana Nabatanzi as the chic being rode in the video had a striking resemblance with the celebrated media personalty (Diana Nabatanzi).

Of course there was a section of people including Diana’s Ex-bonkmate Emmanuel Lwasa who asserted that the person seen in the video was with no doubt Diana Nabatanzi.

In an exclusive interview conducted by an online blog, the Masaka City tycoon said the person in the clip was Diana since she showcased all the bonking traits he knows about the TV Star.

”There is no way Diana can say she’s not the one because i know her inside out.The lady in the video appears to be having Ensimbu while having a bonk yet Nabatanzi was always disturbed by the same problem” Lwasa asserted when asked about the video.

As all this hullabaloo of the leaked clip was making rounds online, as usual the highly calculative Nabatanzi decided to keep quiet about the whole saga.

”Now that the storm has cooled that the beautful TV star has made a motivation post to her fans perhaps trying to indirectly respond to all the rumors that happened last week.Don’t miss Kirikitya show mon-fri 2pm” Diana Nabatanzi posted

From all the signs, it seems clear that the bummy media personality is totally unbothered by the rumors going on around her private life and usual she’s ready to go about her business.

Ever since Lwasa came out to allege how Diana is a Gold digger, the TV star has never commented nor answered media on the allegation leaving many people in guess work.

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