Experts warn of strong winds and large waves on Lake Victoria


PARROTS UG | Weather: Experts at Uganda National Meteorological Authority Authority (UNMA) have issued warnings about strong wings and large waves around Lake Victoria.

The severity of the winds according to UNMA Executive Director David W Emeru,  are expected between July 24th and July 25th,202 and likely to reduce on Monday July 25.

“Currently the winds expected on Lake Victoria are southerly winds of around 15Kts but starting tomorrow July 24 to July 25,2021, the lake is going to experience strong winds of more than 25Kts and very strong winds of more than 2 metres which are likely to be reduced by Monday 25 July,” experts warned.

The Authority says that the strong winds are likely to blow off rooftops, uproot trees and cause structure damages.

In addition, the expected large waves are likely to cause capsizing of boats something likely to threat the lives of those who use them.

The areas to be affected are Lake Victoria, Islands on the Lake and sorrounding areas.

People using the lake such as the fishermen, people living in islands maritime industry have been warned to be on high alert and to take life precautionary measures.


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