False marriage proposals cause premarital problems


       By Leonard Akida and Amani Sumaya

The sweetest sound in the ears of girlfriends is hearing your marriage proposal. This to them is not only a promise but builds trust and confidence in you.

Words like introductory engagement ring and wedding sounds sweeter in most girls’ ears. Its the best weapon to conquer the unconquerable hearts.

Men too,have not been left out in tasting the sweetness. They have sugar coated their woos by putting on these armours just to win the unconquereds souls. In the end, ladies innocently fall victims of these traps.

Ladies have sheepisly been seduced to engage in premarital intercourses because somebidy has promised to marry you.
A big number of  girls between the age of 18-23 drop out of school due to un wanted pregnancies and other sexual related cases caused by false marriage proposals. The working (classic) ladies have sold off their businesses and injected all their wealth in evil men who persuade to marry them.

At a certain point, its good to first look at who makes a promise,to whom,when,what and how they promise? 
Devil was good at promising too. “if you are a son of God worship me and I will give you all this kingdom,” Biblical scriptures.

Do not conform to the false promises of these guys, do not drop out of school, spend your little salary on him or even show much commitment to the relationship because he proposed to marry you. Innocent men still exist, they are like a tree planted in the middle of an ocean and can not be removed. Be patient and wait for the righteous one to propose to you.

A few guys mean their proposals and barely stand by any of their promises. Others make endless ones just to win you out. Because women love guys who make sweet promises to them and those who don’t keep their plans secret, men have used this trick to brain fold women who seem hard to open their thighs for them to penetrate. Men, think by being openness to ladies shall enable them drill the oils. But this is falsehood.

Sister, marriage is not the sweetest promise on earth. Be Considerate on 5Ws and H before accepting his proposal. Some of these proposals are made to win you. A guy shall use you and after you have lost your sweetness, he shall dump you.https://theparrots08.blogspot.com

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