FDC disappointed with Uganda’s exhibition at Dubai Expo 2020

President Museveni at the showcasing of some Ugandan made products displayed on Ugandan pavilion at the Dubai Expo 2020.

By Leonard Kamugisha Akida,


The Forum for Democratic Change has expressed displeasure on the items exhibited by Uganda in the Dubai Expo 2020.

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The disappointments stem from the photos making rounds on the internet showing some of the Ugandan made products like tinned Lato Milk products, among other items that Uganda showcased at the Expo.

Over 192 countries across the world are participating in the six months long tourism, culture and technology expo Connecting minds, creating the future, “under the theme,” and Uganda is among the exhibitors.

The expo which was scheduled for last year was postponed due to the outbreak of corona virus pandemic that raged war on states economies.

A photo of President Museveni thronged with some members of his cabinet and some MPs showcasing Lato milk and Kayonza tea bags on a table laid with a massai cloth at the expo has left the world in shock and stunned criticism against the government and the organizers of the event for misuse of public funds in the event.

Ugandans from all walks of life who rushed to comparisons with other stalls urge that the country is richly blessed tourism and agricultural products which would instead showcase at the expo.

FDC says that Uganda’s exhibition at the Expo is not only disheartening but also annoying.

“Uganda’s stall/pavilion was poorly manned, majorly Uganda is a natural paradise, tourism and agriculture is our greatest export, but never showcased at the expo,” disappointed FDC noted.
John Kikonyogo, the deputy spokesperson FDC said Uganda is globally known for the production of healthiest fruits but they were never showcased at the expo.

He challenged the public to task the govern explain the returns of the expo in regards to investment inputs in the expo.
Kikonyogo was addressing journalists at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi Kampala.

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