Former Prime Minister Habumuremyi arrested for issuing bounced cheques.


Rwanda ex Prime Minister has been arrested on two accounts of issuing bounced cheques and breach of trust.

The Rwanda Investigations Bureau (RIB) has confirmed the arrest of the country’s former Premiere Damien Pierre Habumuremyi for breaching trust and issuing of bounced cheques worth RWf 100million both of which he committed between 2018 and 2019 when he was a rector and owner at Christian University of Rwanda.

Damien was arrested on Friday when he had gone to RIB offices in Kimihurura to respond to accusations against him.

He was the Prime Minister of Rwanda between May2011-October2014.

On October7th, President Paul Kagame appointed him a Prime Minister a post he served until July 2014.

Premiere Habumuremyi was arrested alongside Prof Egide Karuranga the president of Kigundo University.

The arrested has been pined to political motif by gov’t arguing that police were investigating the former prime minister and his family for possible links to the Rwandan rebel group FDLR, based in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

He is an author of the critical book: ‘The Political Integration in Rwanda after the 1994 genocide Utopia or Reality which was published in 2008 by Palloti press in Kigali.

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