Pope Francis I and  President Emmanuel Macron  of France  hugging after the meeting

Tuesday 27th June,2018, is remarked a memorable day in the history of the Roman Holy See and the French Republic as Argentina pontif and French  president made made a historical official meeting in Rome.

President Emmanuel Macron,made his first official visit to  Rome and had  a private meeting with Pope FrancisI which according to analysts thickened  the Church-State  relationship in  France.

Macron made the visit after deciding to accept being made an honorary canon of St John Lateran, the cathedral of Rome, a tradition dating back to the 15th century when the French state and church were indistinguishable.

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The parties stressed on the role of the church   in the French society.This follows Macron’s comments in April in which he said he wanted to “repair” the “bond” because the the  two have been in half-baked relations.

According to a statement released by the Holy See Press Office,Environment,migration, Reflection on the prospects of the European  projects  and Resolving conflicts particularly in the Middle East and Africa were  some of the thorny issues  discussed abbout.

Attention, it noted, then turned to global issues of shared interest, such as the protection of the environment, migration, and multilateral commitment to conflict prevention and resolution, especially in relation to disarmament.

“The contribution of religions to the promotion of the common good of the country, with particular reference to the commitment of the Church,” added the statement.

A  private meeting in Vatican’s  Ornate  library lasted for 57minutes was the  first  longest  meeting the Pope ever held with any Head of the state which to many  evoked strong relations between the two states.

 Past talks between the pope and a president have never exceeded 50 minutes.
Francis spoke with former US president Barack Obama for 50 minutes and with his successor Donald Trump for 30 minutes.

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