Hasira za Mkizi: MP Micheal Tusiime unpins his campaign Billboards after losing to Dr. Rukaari.


Mbarara city town has lost its magnificent beauty after the expensive billboards (political campaigns posters) of incumbent Michael Tusiime were lowered hours after he lost to Dr. Robert Mwesigwa Rukaari in the NRM primary elections on Friday.

Today, a team of energetic youth carrying with them ladders, hammers were seen around town unpinning the already raised Billboards with Tusiime’s political messages loading them on a PickUp to unidentified destination.

The directives to remove posters is purportedly by Mp Tusiime due to an unamenable anger he might have grown after loosing an election to Dr. Rukaari in Friday’s NRM primary for MP Mbarara city North.

In a hotly contested election, Mbarara city North voters showered humbled Dr. Rukaari with an overwhelming victory of 12,323 while Hon. Tusiime genred only 3,356 votes.

The voters in Mbarara city North accuse Tusiime of arrogance for referring to them as “Villagers.” These argue that he has been using demeaning statements while addressing them. According to them, it was worth sweeping him away from Mbarara city politics.


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