“I was looking through a mirror when he came and fondled my breast,” MP Anna Adeke


The Soroti district Woman MP-elect, Anna Ebaju Adeke has has shocked the public after she  revealed that she was recently sexually harassed by a colleague legislator during a foreign trip.

Adeke, the incumbent National Female Youth MP alleges that a male MP whom she had travelled with at an official foreign trip fondled her breasts, to her disbelief.

“A male colleague, who is much older than me, I think I shouldn’t say much but I think in 1990, he had already joined the bar, came and tapped my chest as I was looking through the mirror. He came and held my breast like this….and I was so shocked,” MP Adeke

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She made these remarks on Monday evening during a function to celebrate female lawyers joining the 11th parliament.

The function was organised by Uganda Law Society in Kampala.

“I looked around and all the men there, said ‘yah…yah, so what! ….the house is a patriarchal of crimes,” she added.

She applauded Speaker Kadaga for giving a platform to female legislators to raise issues that have for several times been pushed under the carpets.

MP Adeke neither disclosed the identity of the accused MP nor reveal whether she reported the matter to police for investigation.

Sexual harassment cases are on arise in Uganda and young women have been named as the prime victims of this illegal act.

According to the 2019 Police Crime report, 15,706 persons were victims of sex-related crimes and out of these; 13,536 were female juveniles, 278 male juveniles while 1,829 were female adults and 63 male adults.

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