Israel gives Hamas 24 hours ultimatum to ceasefire.


The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has issued a statement giving a 24 hours ultimatum to the Hamas group to cease all rocket fires in the country’s Gaza land.

“But we are offering you now one last chance. Within 24 hours, all rocket fire – and I mean all rocket fire – will cease. Completely. Forever.” Netanyahu said in a statement.

In a formal notice to Ismail Haniya, the leader of the Hamas group that is terrorizing the jewish people in Gaza, Prime minister Netanyahu disclosed that Israel has dispatched its tanks at the Gaza border, with artillery and air support readily available to fight the Hamas should they act on contrary.

Civilians in the northern parts of Gaza have since been warned to evacuate the place and seek for asylum in the southward.

“We have already dropped leaflets over the northern parts of the Gaza strip, warning civilians our impending arrival, and that they should evacuate southward, forthwith,” reads excerpts of the statement. 

Israeli further noted that its united forces will defeat the Hamas and annex its parts to Israel failure to adhere to the clauses in the ultimatum.

“If you fail to meet our ultimatum, we are coming in, and, with God’s help, this time we will not leave.  Every centimeter of land that we conquer will be annexed to Israel, so that there will NEVER be another attack launched at our civilians from there.”

Yesterday, Israel airstrikes  exploded bombs in Gaza and destroyed a building housing Associated Press and Aljazeera media offices after a suspected storage facilities of the ammunitions used by Hamas. An in established number of people were reported to have died in the attacks.

About the Gaza strip violence.

Since 2008 major conflicts have erupted between Israel and Hamas and more than 2 million Palestinians have died as the result of the violence.

The violence are as a result of power struggles between the two states over the control of Gaza strip part of the British-ruled Palestine mandate before 1948 war sorrounding creation of Israel when it came under Egypt’s control.

Large number of Palestinians fled or were driven from now Israel and ended up in Gaza and they today mount to 1.4 million, a half of Gaza’s population.

In 1967, Israel captured Gaza along the West Bank during the Mideast war. Palestine now want all three territories to form their future state.

In 1987, the first Palestinian intifada or uprising broke up in Gaza which gave birth to the formation of Hamas, later in 1990 the Oslo peace process gave limited autonomous powers to Palestinian authority in Gaza and parts of the occupied West bank.

Israel withdrew its troops and Jewish settlement from Gaza in 2005 after the second intifada violence.

The following year, Hama’s had a landslide victory in Palestine elections something that triggered power struggle between Palestinian president Muhamoud Abbas Fatah party, culminating into weeks of clashes in 2007.

The clashes left Hamas in full control of the Gaza strip. These have since imposed conservative Islamic laws against the Israelites in Gaza, made arrests to political opponents and suppressed protests against their rule.

This prompted Israel and Egypt to impose crippling blockade to stop the Hamas from importing fire arms. However, Hamas defied the blockade stating that its a collective punishment. Israel further issued travel restrictions to Palestinians to Gaza.

Hamas and Israel have fought three wars and several smaller battles. The worst so far was the 2014 war, which lasted for 50 days and killed some 2,200 Palestinians, more than half of them civilians. Seventy-three people were killed on the Israeli side.

Israel’s airstrikes and incursions into Gaza have left vast swaths of destruction, with entire neighborhoods reduced to rubble and thousands forced to shelter in U.N. schools and other facilities. Israel says it makes every effort to avoid civilian casualties and accuses Hamas of using Gazans as human shields.

Palestinian militants have fired thousands of rockets into Israel. The vast majority are intercepted by Israeli missile defenses or land in open areas, but they sow widespread fear and can bring life to a standstill.

The long standing violence steadily increased in recent years, with some striking after Israel announced it was transferring its capital from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which the Palestinians are against.

The latest eruption of violence has raised specters of another devastating war drawing the attention of international attention to the impoverished Gaza strip.

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