It was a big mistake to reopen the country, DP spokesperson.


By Mercy Agumenaitwe,

KAMPALA: The Democratic Party (DP) spokesperson Opio Okolar has faulted government for reopening the country without putting in place structures and measures to contain COVID-19 infections.

On July 30, President Museveni ordered for a partial lift of lockdown on some sectors of the economy such as public and private transport, Kikuubo shops, shopping malls and arcades and extended the lockdown on certain sectors like places of worship and schools, bars, non food markets for the next 60 days.

The reopening is according to Okolar likely to lead to another wave of the pandemic.

Okolar made the remarks on Tuesday while addressing members of the press at the party weekly press briefing.

He said that government’s failure to prioritise essential sectors like the health sector especially in villages has affected the efforts to control COVID-19 in the country, he warned that it was bad for government to ease the lockdown.

“…easing the lockdown was a big mistake on the part of the government,” he said.

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