Kadongo Kamu singer, Vincent Ssegawa not dead


By Jonah West,


Credible sources in the entertainment industry have confirmed to Parrots UG that former Kadongo-Kamu singer, Vincent Ssegawa a.k.a Eddobozi lye Kalisizo is still alive and kicking.

“Disregard any info that Ssegawa is dead! Bloggers are declaring him dead, but he is not. Treat it with all contemplate it deserves,” the source said.

The source however did not disclose the singer’s health details and other whereabouts.

On Friday afternoon, social media was awashed with reports alleging the death of former Kadongo Kamu singer Vincent Ssegawa.

The news has been reported by a number of bloggers including Ray Supasta on his social media pages without disclosing the cause of death and where he died from.

Few weeks ago, Ssegawa was kidnapped from his founded orphanage home by security personnel donning in UPDF uniform and it was later found out that he was being detained at Mbuya military barracks on alleged human trafficking charges.

According to his wife, the former singer was taken away from an orphanage he was operating and dragged to Mbuya barracks together with the orphanage kids.

She revealed that Ssegawa was being accused of kidnapping and trafficking human organs.

Yesterday, a state owned media house, Vision Group reported that some of the members arrested together with Ssegawa were released but he (Ssegawa) was never set free.

An anonymous source has told Parrots UG that Ssegawa’s family and friends may have sponsored some reknown bloggers to declare him dead one way of mounting much pressure on the state security to release him.

Citing out the Rubaga North Lord Councillor, James mubiru, who had gone missing from his family but later was produced by the security personnel at Makindye Barracks following alleged death pronouncements on social media, this source revealed that its now a habit by politicians and justice hungry Ugandans to announce anyone arrested or abducted by security, dead inorder to have them out of prisons.

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