Kibalama ends ties with Bobi and NUP leadership


The founding president of National Unity reconciliation and Development party now National unity Platform ,Moses Nkoge Kibalama has written to the electoral commission notifying them of his move to dissolve and dismiss the current party leadership after parting ways with the former presidential candidate Hon. Kyagulanyi Robert .

After a memorundam of understanding between Mr.Nkonge and the people power movement led by Kyagulanyi, he officially handed over the party to them early 2020.

However, in a July 202, letter to the electoral commission, Kibalama through his lawyers notified the authorities of his move to dissolve and dismiss the current party leadership and organize a delegates conference to choose a new set of leaders since the current leadership have played deaf ear to his call for an organised and diplomatic agreement.

“Our client seeks your permission to consititute an interim leadership of NUP and in other things steer NUP forward” his lawyers of MS Mugabi shyka and co. Advocates said.

Consiquently, kibalama has declared that the current party leadership  eligible to hold the same positions.

William Odinga ,head of research in NUP and co-founder of the party dismissed claims by Mr.Konge that none of his former team players was appointed to any position in the party.

The party secretary General,has dismissed the claims of Kibalama saying they have not received any letter from him and he is just trying to Black mail the party leadership.

“we have not yet received any reply from Mr Kyagulanyi Robert on the same matter.” he said.



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