Lawyers decline taking on Prof Kanyeihamba case against Museveni

Prof George Wilson Kanyeihamba, retired chief justice of the republic of Uganda.

By Watera,


Former Chief Justice of Uganda, Prof. George Wilson Kanyeihamba has disclosed that prominent lawyers are declining to take on his suit against President Museveni on plans to scrap off the bail, citing out fear of losing their jobs and life security.

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It should be recalled that on Monday the Retired Supreme Court, Judge George Kanyeihamba and five others petitioned the Constitutional Court challenging President Museveni’s push to deny bail to suspected capital offenders.

The petitioners are suing President Museveni, the Attorney General and the National Resistance Party.

Prof. Kanyeihamba revealed that he will be representing himself in the said petition since efforts to get any lawyer to represent him have failed.

He says many of the lawyers have declined to take on his case because the proposal is politically motivated.

In his petition, Justice Kanyeihamba accuses President Museveni of the push to scrapping off right to grant bail something he says is a global right.

He urges that to take away any right to bail, Museveni needs to first withdraw Uganda’s membership from all international treaties that guarantee the right to bail globally.

He adds that, although the Attorney General and the Government of Uganda have a right to limit fundamental rights and freedoms, it can only be done in line with article 43 of the 1995 Constitution and International laws.

Justice Kanyeihamba contends that article 23 of the Constitution of Uganda guarantees and prescribes the Right of any person charged with a criminal offence to apply for bail, which the court can honour or deny.

The petitioners now want the Constitutional Court to prohibit the respondents or another person from furtherance of any such actions that threatens the right to Bail Application and Release on Police bond.

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