Learners with special needs; pregnancies allowed 45 extra minutes in PLE.


The Executive Secretary of Uganda National Examination Board, Dan Odongo has revealed that the Board will allow 45 extra minutes to learners under Special Need Education (SNE) and those with pregnancies sitting for their Primary Leaving Examination.

“SNE will be allowed 45extra minutes  for each paper. The 45 also applies for learners with pregnancies that may show signs of pain or discomfort during the course of examination,” Odongo said.

A total of 1,599 candidates registered to have Special Needs Education requirements in the PLE 2020.

Addressing journalists at UNEB headquarters in Ntinda on Friday, Odongo said his board will provide necessary support to SNE candidates  to enable them sit for their examinations without interferences.

Among the requirements to be provided includes: Braille question papers and answersheets for the blind; large print question papers for those with low vision; sign language for the deaf and transcribers for learners with dyslexia and those with severe physical impairments.

Additionally, a total of 659 SNE personnel according to Odongo will be displayed to provide support to the learners.

A total of 749,811 candidates are expected to sit for this year’s PLE from 14,300 examination centres. These include 395,855 (53%) female candidates and 353,957 (47%) male candidates.

He appealed to School Headteachers, examination officials to work with the SNE personnel to ensure SNE candidates are given much support.

“Support personnel sent by UNEB should also be accorded the necessary cooperation to enable them render the required support to the SNE candidates,” Odongo appeals.

Report by the National Umbrella of Persons with Disabilities in Uganda (NUDIPU) in February 2021 indicates that SNE is allocated only 0.1 percent of the budget something that affects access to better education services to learners.

“0.1% of the buget is allocated to special needs education. This is just a drop in the ocean as there is more to be done to ensure that the needs of learners with disabilities are catered for in Uganda.” NUDIPU.

Photo courtesy: Ffena Tujjune Org



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