We all have either seen, read or heard of students failing to complete studies and graduate.This is no news,at times you have fallen the victims of making wrong choices while at school and narrowly escape.There is an opportunity for the culprits.

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Besides, all the constraints and hurdles parents have overcome ensuring that their children undertake studies,most students leave school before completing and others at Universities an other institutions do not graduate after making wrong choices and misusing their Time in Non profitable

Being admitted at School/University for your best combination/course is what students think is the first success.Indeed,but if you waste your time in Beach parties,Campus nights,Clubs,Birthday parties and do not concentrate on your studies you will possibly fail achieving your dreams.If you are not fixed up with lectures, participating in Drama,Sports,Church/Mosque activities,craft work,Discussions are some of the constructive you can engage in to save you a nine than keeping idle:”Idle mind is Devils workshop.”

Sports and Game betting is producing another new generation of Academic failures.Male students are fond of diverting school dues and upkeep in these games expecting much profits and later fail sitting Exams because of defaulting the school.Kapapura Boys as Sports Arena term the are among people who “Live In Hiding” from Alumni they used to associate with even when they were academically and financially weaker than them BUT are now successful persons.

Female students are engaged in sexual relationships with old men and Boy friends.These are good at gifting fancy wears,mobile phones,Laptops,Upkeep and go further to make endless promises like marriage,a broad tours,outings,cars mention them.Man,Boy friends,Benchers whatever they are,do not only spoil these young souls but also ruin their future life. Young Girls should learn to be satisfied with the little they are provided by their parents/Guardians.Men will not cut down your costs.

Goal setting,Self-esteem,Determination are  right choices students should have to obtain the heights you want in life.School time is not the best TIME to achieve all your Dreams but its a foundation that you should lay for your bright future. There is a TIME that you will hold a steer-ring,build a posh house and be on cafeterias with your friends.

Lastly,my neighboring primary school has a 3 word inspiring slogan.I vote it will help you in making rightful choices.”Perceive,Believe,Achieve” have a positive mental perception towards your choices,Believe in yourself,you will finally Achieve your dreams.
Till then,I remain the AKIDA PARROTS.

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