Man in Rukungiri resurfaces on his burial


By PriscillaOwomugisha,


A bizzare has occured in Buheesi village Nyarushanje sub-county, Rukungiri district after a man who was announced dead and his body brought home for burial resurfaced on day of performing funeral rites

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Junior Niwagaba, 37, a son to Peninah Tumushabe,a resident of Buheesi village,   was announced dead after his family got information that he had been killed by unknown assailants in Mbarara city prompting his family to begin burial praparations.

According to the deceased mother, she coul not identify well the body because it was burned beyond recognition.

She and others brought the body home to perform funeral rites.

However, shock arose when one of the relatives alerted the family that he had called on the alleged deceased telephone number and he picked it.

Family immediately halted the preparations and arrangements were made for the person whom they had thought is dead to return home so that they physically confirm

In no time, Niwagaba resurfaced alive something that shocked residents.

The Nyarushanje sub county Chairperson LCIII,  Micheal Musiime, confirmed to the reports in the media noting that they called off the burial ceremony after learning that the person they presumed dead was actually alive.

The family later sought for permissionhave obtained permission from authorities to take back the dead body to Mbarara university hospital mutuary.

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