Mbarara, Bushenyi best schools maintain school fee, transport hiked on reporting day

Ms. Busingye Barbrah, a resident of Ibanda district and a parent who brought her son Busingye Trevor, (S.2 student) for 3rd term reporting at Ntare School in Mbarara city. She hailed the school administration of maintaining the fee structure of the previous term and however decried the increased prices of scholastic and transport. Photo Credit: Brave Tumuranzye | Parrots UG

By Brave Tumuranzye,
Schools in Mbarara and Bushenyi districts have maintained school fee structures of the previous term despite the increased prices of commodities.

Barbrah Busingye, a parent at Ntare School in Mbarara city says the school administration did not increase the school fees as it is a case in several other schools across the country.

Busingye who had brought her son, Trevor Busingye, a senior Two student at Ntare School however noted that because of the harsh economic conditions, some parents are unable to pay school fee to 100% as required by most schools.

She says she has pleaded with the administration to allow her pay this term’s school dues in installments to enable her son attend classes and access other school services without disruptions which the school allowed.

At Maryhill high school, one of the oldest single – girls schools in Uganda, parents and students also appreciated the school administration for the receptive attitude of allowing students to report with less than the previously required 100 per cent of the school fees.

An administrator who preferred anonymity disclosed to us that although the school did not increase school fees, there is a likelihood of facing feeding challenges due to increased prices of commodities such as maize flour (posho), beans, eggs, cooking oil and scholastic materials such as boxes of chalk, stationery to mention but a few.

Another school fee ledger card and circular of Bweranyangi girls school which PARROTS UG seen shows that the school administration maintained the school fees of the previous term.

Parents have been worried about the increased prices of some requirements like books, pens ,metallic cases, soap and the double transport fares charged by public transport operators.

Stationery shop photo. PARROTS UG photo

A pen which was at Sh500 is now at Sh700 and a two quire book which was at 3500 is now at Sh5000. The price of suit cases has been at Sh20,000 each, but has now been hiked to 40,000 shillings.

Shopkeepers attribute the increase on stationery commodities on manufucturing factories which they say are price determinants.

“The price of commodities has increased because factories also hiked their products. Parents have not turned up in large numbers to buy because of the price schockers,” said a woman operating stationery shop in Mbarara city taxi park

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Students waiting in Mbarara City taxi park on reporting day of the 3rd term. Photo Credit: Brave Tumuranzye

Godfrey Byaruhanga, a resident of Kabuyanda in Isingiro west, Isingiro district and a taxi operator in Mbarara city taxi park says that transport has been hiked due to an increase in fuel prices.

He says that he would previously spend Ugx 70,000 on fuel per day but he now spends Ugx Ugx 140,000 on average daily basis.

According to a new transport fee poster in Mbarara taxi park, transport from several parts of Isingiro, Ibanda, Ntungamo, greater Bushenyi and other districts in the outskirts of Mbarara has either been doubled or increased by not less than Ugx 5,000.

Byaruhanga appeals to government to interfere into the issue of fuel prices which he says will harmonize the economy.

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