Men at the forefront of breaking the silence on menstruation.


Yesterday, Uganda celebrated International Menstrual Hygiene Day under the theme “Aiming at breaking the silence on menstruation, raising awareness on the same, while challenging negative social norms around menstruation.”

Despite the fact that menstruation is a universal female experience, many girls and women face harmful consequences and this holds them back.

Uganda, like other developing countries, millions of young girls and women have poor menstrual knowledge. Access to sanitary products has been proposed as barriers to menstrual health and school attendance. This calls for the government intervention because menstrual materials such as sanitary pads should be made public and accessible to every growing girls child.

Similarly, African girls at large face considerable challenges as a result of menstruation because it is seen as a secret and regarded as a taboo as a result, girls do not get support from the community henceforth are left to solve it on their own and something which pulls them back to poor performance and school dropouts.

Society has presented men as an enemies of menstrual girls and women which the latter believes has yielded into too much psycho stigma. In some religions, a woman is looked at as unhealthy during the menstrual periods.

All these names males as prompters of social & psycho stigma in stead of empowering them to harness their roles as real national fathers. Men need to be

In light to this yearly theme, the general public is obliged to concert effort, raise voices together in breaking the silence towards menstrual stigma. There’s a need for Policy and decision makers to set up clear frameworks on preventing the stigma as well as ensuring proper menstrual hygiene is preserved  by all members of the society.

NGOs, Government and Menstrual Health Activists need to turn to the other side of the coin and start engaging males in the fight.

Let us  join hands to support girl child in breaking the silence on menstruation because it is by this process that we become mothers of this land.

Men should be on the forefronts of this campaign to break the silence. Today, there are a number of daughters growing up in break up famines, with single fathers and others are raised by fellow children especially the orphans.

They need to be empowered withinformation on menstruation health rather than looking at them as promoters of the stigma. Both Boys and Men can champion for menstrual hygiene.

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