Mother locked in house and tortured for 17yrs


By Leonard Kamugisha Akida,


A Brazilian mother shares her dire straits of torture after she was locked together with her two children in the house for 17 years.

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The tortured family lives in Guaratiba zone, in the west of Rio de Janeiro, according to police

The husband who locked this family for all those years has been arredted.

According to reports by Brazil G1, the wife told reports that the husban had intimidated her that she was going to die if she got outside of the house.

Police has identified the suspect as Luiz Antonio Santos Silva , the couple has been married for  23 yeats.

As soon as they were rescued when the mother told authorities that at a certain point they stayed inside the house for a period of three days without eating anything something that caused to them both pysical and psychological torture.

The house inwhich they have been lòked, she recounts, was too cold, filthy and received too little light rays.

Two innocent children were tied with robs are looking so weak and starving according to photos taken by police.They are between 19yrs and 22yrs, further reports shows.

Captain William Oliveira who led the rescue operation team says reports of the trio’s torture was first reported in  O Dia la Brazil Newspaper which reported that they had not been redcued despite a rescue case filed in 2020.

‘’We saw the health state of these two children and thought they were not suriving death for the next one week,” said one of the women in Guaratiba zone.

The trio was rushed to the hospital and the doctors removed excess water from their bodies due to overdehydration.

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