MP Kawalya dies in his own movie


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The rift between Rubaga North county MP Abubaker Kawalya and area Lord Councillor in KCCA, Hon. James Mubiru has intensified to next levels and likely not to end soon.

On Tuesday (yesterday), we published on this website an investigative report indicating how MP Kawalya is masterminding defamatory reports against his Rubaga counterpart, Mubiru.

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As the English would have it; ‘Leaving No Stone Unturned,’ our undercover reporters bring to you more details disclosing how Kawalya played the game and how he is dying in his own movie.

Kawalya’s blackmail games are as young as the milk teeth and started. Recently, he started off serious allegations against LC5 James Mubiru through a letter he wrote to prime minister Nabajja requesting for financial support towards his medical bills in Nairobi.

Reliable sources indicates that Kawalya and one of his companions only identified as Ssebuliba authored the fake letter and which they printed out at Print Me Now, a graphic and printing company at Nasser Kampala.

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It is alleged that the legislator further funded different media channels like NBS, Nile post and others to publicize the information, however, sources reveal that some media channels dismissed the funds since they knew it was being done out of malice.

The vibrant Mubiru didn’t wait the blackmail to put him down but rather sent a message through his Facebook page Hon James Mubiru and Twitter account cursing Kawalya Abubaker for the attempts to cause damages to his name.

Determined to pull him down, Kawalya later embarked on creating another story through News Editor Online blog and other digital media outlets alleging that Mubiru was not ill and admitted to Aga Khan hospital as he had earlier told reports. It is estimated that he injected about 30m in this project

Further reports confirm how this move also failed to blackmail after finding out mainstream media, NUP party and Mubiru’s family confirmed to reports of his hospitalization admitted on patient number 1-32456, not only in Nairobi but also in Lubaga hospital and Mulago hospital.

Dying in his invented movie, he (Kawalya) could not swallow his humiliation but went on to push the blame to his team that has been plotting plans to blackmail Mubiru on what is termed as Failed Mission.

Our reporters are yet to find out another step and will keep you posted.

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