Museveni creates ghost post in UIA to give Min. Kasaija sole candidature.


The persuaded President Museveni has created a ghost post in the Uganda Investments Authority [UIA] to give room for Finance Minister Hon. Matia Kasaija to run as a sole candidate in the Buyanja County, Kibaale district Parliamentary race.

The Buyanja county MP seat race has been between Minister Kasaija [NRM] and a young energetic independent candidate, Paul Kyalimpa who recently withdrew from the race.

Credible sources says Kasaija, in fear of losing his seat  bribed Kyalimpa to withdraw from the race on top of promising him a fatty position in government.

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Its alleged that he (Kasaija) met president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in Gulu city and sweet talked him to accept the creation of a ghost position of the Deputy Director General in the Uganda Investments Authority (UIA) which the president accepted. Kasaija then proposed Kyalimpa’s name to be appointed to fill the ghost position as away of fulfilling his selfish desires.

Its well known that Kyalimpa too thirsty and hungry to find a job accepted the lures and wrote to the Kibaale district Electoral returning officer notifying him of his withdrawal of candidature for Buyanja county Mp. This was after he smelt the roasted fats of Kasaija’s selfish pledges.

In a letter dated December 7th, signed by the Kibaale returning officer, Ipeto Aggrey James, to the Secretary EC, the returning officer confirmed the withdrawal of Kyalimpa directing the secretariat to declare Hon. Kasaija as a sole candidate.

In another letter seen by the Parrotsug, from President Museveni to Minister Kasaija, titled: “Appointment of Mr. Paul Kyalimpa as Deputy Director General of Uganda Investment Authority,” the president directed minister Kasaija appoint Paul Kyalimpa on the said post that is not designated by law (doesn’t exist on the Authority board structure)

The letter was according to Museveni referring to the duo’s Gulu city meeting held on Wednesday November18, which economists say gave birth to a ghost post.

 “This is to authorise you to continue with the recruitment process and have the candidate appointed, if found suitable,” reads excerpts of the letter.

Museveni however warned that the appointment should be in accordance to the authority guidelines.

The UIA is a government agency established under the Investment Code Act, 1991(as revised in 2019). It was assented on February 20, 2019 and commenced functioning on 29thMarch, 2019.

Museveni Creates Ghost Post In Uia To Give Unopposed Candidature For Minister Kasaija.

The Authority is mandated to initiate and support measures that enhance investment in Uganda, advise government on appropriate policies conducive for investment promotion and growth, stimulate and lead key stakeholders in creating a competitive business environment among other functions.

The authority is under the supervision of the minister something that gave Kasaija an open space to use his public – given powers to create the position.

Accordingly, the UIA board comprises of five board members appointed by the minister from the private sector with sound knowledge and prctical experience in business or investment matters. These includes;

⚠ The chairperson,

⚠ The Permanent secretary of the ministry responsible for finance or his /her nominee not below the rank of commissioner,

⚠ The PS of the ministry responsible for finance or his /her nominee not below the rank of commissioner,

⚠ The Director General, appointed by the minister on recommendations of the board,

⚠ The Secretary, appointed by the board.

By this structure, the position rewarded to Kyalimpa is deemed illegal and done out of dishonesty and abuse of the office both by the President and the finance minister.

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