Museveni should not feel pity for us

The former Minister without portfolio Hajj Abdul Nadduli has cautioned president Yoweri Museveni not to dare tamper with Buganda kingdom’s mailo land tenure system since it may land his government into trouble.

On Monday, the former bush war veteran warned that Museveni and his government should not spark anger into Buganda people. He says such anger will not be easy to control.

Nadduli added that the mailo land tenure system has been part of Buganda’s culture and property since 1900 agreement and any person trying to remove it, is directly attacking the eye of the kingdom.

“This move is deliberately going to cause hate to us NRM members. That’s why I’m calling on all NRM mps to be strong and tell Museveni the effects of tampering with the land before it gets worse,” Nadduli said.

However, according to Museveni mailo land system is evil as its one of the main causes of land problems in Uganda.

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