Mzee Festo Karwemera, man who translated the English Bible into Runyankole-Rukiga dies at 95yrs.


The hand of death has struck Kigezi Highlands claiming the life of popular Mzee Festo Karwemera, the historical Kiga culture thinker, writer and Entertainer.

According to reliable sources, Mzee Karwemera / Kagwemera passed on Saturday night at the age of 95years. Anonymous sources say that he has been battling with prolonged illnesses.

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Born in 1925 to Karagare Kabure-Nkeecwere, in Kaarubanda Ibandiro in the family of Rwanteezi the father to Rubangaya in the present-day Buhara in Ndorwa county, Kagwemera is among the brainstorming persons who translated the English Bible into Runyankole-Rukiga Languages.

He is reknown for his “Bukuuru Nimbi” traditional riddle aimed at rising the plight of aged (elderly) persons in the society as well as agitating for their respect, protections and rights.

The reknown Bakiga Nation, an association that brings together all Bakiga (Kiga speaking people) across the world is a brainchild of his artistic and creative works. He is in fact, attributed to as a ‘Father of Bakiga Nation.’

In the history of Kigezi, Kagwemera is an iconic Kiga who pioneered the leadership for Kigezi High School as the Head Prefect.

Bakiga attributes the prevailing harmony in Kigezi to him because of his evangelical works for Christian revival in the south western Uganda through which he preached for harmony between the Christianity and Kiga traditions.

His death is a heart blow to the Kiga community and to the lovers of the Runyankole-Rukiga culture.

By publication time, the cause of his death had not been established.

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