Naughty phrases that will drive your man wild in bed

By Our Authors.
You are hot only when you turn a man on with your words, you trigger both a physical and emotional response with him?
Something you’ve probably heard me talk about before is that men are validated sexually by women.
He wants to know that he has the ability to turn you on through his masculine, manly self.
This is far more important to a man than most women realize.
If you want to be what your man fantasizes about when you’re not around, you need to connect with his desire to be sexually validated by you.
He wants to be able to turn you on, seduce you, and satisfy you… ALL men feel this way towards their romantic partners, even super smart, brainiac types of guys.
That’s why it’s so important to learn how to talk dirty to your man…
It’ll make him CRAVE you.
When you say these phrases, it’s like you’re crawling into his mind and becoming the rock star of his sexual imagination.
Here they are………..
“You feel sooo incredible”
You can also change the word incredible out for whatever word choice you desire… amazing, fantastic, hard, big…
Also, add in the f-word once in a while to increase the impact.
When you’re having sex, telling him how he feels so good to you is the best compliment you can give him.
It gives him that sexual validation right there in the moment.

“Don’t stop!”
Telling a man to continue doing exactly what he’s been doing is really hot… it makes him feel like he’s doing a great job and it’s pleasing you.
Expressing to a guy that he’s doing it right is a powerful way for him to get his need of sexual validation from you.

“I’m so turned on by you”
The best time to whisper this into his ear is when you’re somewhere that it would be completely inappropriate for you to say it aloud.
Most men are afraid that when they get into a relationship with a woman that all the desire to have sex will leave (unfortunately this happens to a lot of couples).
You can also send him this as a text message in the middle of the day to distract him and get him to think about you.
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