No 2nd wave of COVID-19, Prime Minister.


Amid the fears of the second wave of the corona virus pandemic across the globe, England is set to limit COVID-19 lockdown to allow hospitality industry operate.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that Theatres and concert halls are able to reopen from July 4th but not for live performances. Others eased include: pubs, restaurants, cinemas, galleries and museums among others. 

Primiere Johnson ditched the 2metre social distance to one metre urging that the latter would help UK’s hospitality sector reopen happily.

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While addressing MPs, Boris cherished the actions of the public during the lockdown however, he was quick to warn against the likelihood of the local outbreaks.

I’m afraid there will be local outbreaks. And I must tell you that if the virus were to begin to run out of control, I will not hesitate to put on the handbrake and reverse some of these changes at local or indeed national level as required.

Nevertheless, Prime Minister Boris Johnson added that UK doesn’t believe that there is a risk of a second wave of the virus.

He urged the public to remain vigilant and maintain the guidelines to prevent an outbreak of a new wave.

“Of course the fight is far from over. This is a nasty virus still that wants to take advantage of our carelessness,” he added.


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