No free manna: Gashumba demands for bride price on Twitter


By Jonah West,

KAMPALA: When Will Leamon philosophized about freebies, ‘Sooner or later there will always be a cost for “free stuff” Rickman Manrick did not think of f*ck*ng after a pay. Dude! took everything freebies and City socialite’s Frank Gashumba’s daughter, Sheilah was his immediate free stuff.

But another Philosopher Albert Einstein had warned; “Sometimes one pays most for the things one gets for nothing.” Perhaps Rickman still covered his ears with cotton wool.

Rickman, as serious as a hen eating read ants never listened to the elders before enjoying more and more b*nks from his fianceè until the father-in-law turned emotional.

In a Twitter post (posted about 20hrs ago) hornby Rickman posted a photo of himself and Sheilah seemingly posturing of Rickman’s stalk at a swimming pool.

Upon viewing a tweet, Frank Gashumba  (father -in-law) overcome with emotions before Retweeting to remind his Rickman of defaulting brideprice for his daughter.

“Where is my bride price,sir?” Gashumba retweeted with emotions running high.

The socialite’s demand however was never welcomed by tweeps who replied accusing the old Muvandimwe (Frank Gashumba) of double standardisation of his daughter.

“How can you ask for bride price someone someone who has been used by almost every celebrity tekqkyalinamu wade ka supu,” asked AQRAM @BuhariKalema in a reply.

“But is yo daughter still worth any bride price? Her legs have been open to every Tom, Dick and Harry. Has any of those paid..?!” hit back another twitter user Marvin Mar’Sen @MarvinMarSen1.

“U mean he hasn’t paid u a visit also 🙄
Tatukola ebya God’s plan 😂😂🙌🙌” Ordinaryguy replied adding salt to the injuries.

Sheila Gashumba known for sleeping with different male celebrities around town despite her social media influencing powers, has become a reproach to her father with more insults from social media users attacking him for failure to instil discipline into his daughter.

A number of persons online have come out to criticize Frank Gashumba for commercializing his daughter’s body.

“…., you shouldn’t not make your daughter a business that everyone who sleeps with her should give u money.” critized Kwagala wa UNN TV.

Horny Rickman has however kept the mouth shut up while the thread elongate and  Sheilah  has neither said a word but, we’re doubtless the motormouthed sexiest girl in Kampala will respond sooner rather than later.



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