Owebeyi warns against ongoing voter intimidations in Bukimbiri county


By Priscah Atuhaire,


James Owebeyi, the FDC parliamentary candidate for Bukimbiri county by-election in Kisoro district has warned the ruling NRM agaunst voter intimidations in Kisoro.

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He made the remarks on Monday shortly after he was nominated for the post at Kisoro district headquarters.

According to Owebeyi, there are ongoing threats by security officers and some prominent politicians majorly from the NRM who have camped in Kisoro intimidating voters so that they vote in favour of their candidate Eddie Kwizera.

He appealed to the Electoral Commission to ensure a free and fair election in order to avoid another possible court petition.

In addition, Owebeyi is opposed to the EC decision to meke the tally centre at Kirundo because the areas has not enough electricity supply and inaccessible roads something he says may be monkey games to rig the the election

However, the Kisoro district returning officer, Nayebare Daniel has assured all candidates of a free and fair election in the forthcoming by-election.

Nayebare disclosed that the electoral commission is partnering with police to ensure maximum security throughout the electoral processes.

James Owebeyi, FDC flagbearer being nominated for Bukimbiri county parliamentary by election at Kisoro district Hqtrs on Monday

The Bukimbiri county by election is scheduled for August 11 according to a roadmap by the EC. The race is between two candidates; James Owebeyi (FDC) and Eddie Kwizera (NRM) among other yet to nominate candidates

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