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Stop that nonsense! Museveni to Katikiro Mayiga on 2018 Coffee Bill


By shemejiakida@gmail.com

Coffee farmers a cross the country could now breath after the President assured them of no government plans to license coffee growers.

“There’s no license for coffee growers. The Katikiro of Buganda should stop talking about it. What is happening is registration of farmers and the reason is export trace ability.” Says Museveni.

The President was addressing the nation on wealth creation yesterday night at his presidential home in Nakasero in a 2hours press conference where he warned the Katikiro of Buganda Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga to stop talking about coffee licencing.

“I heard this Katikiro lying about licensing but I have sent a message to somebody to tell him to stop that nonsense.” Museveni quoted in verbatim.

He further said that the government is planning to register farmers in order to improve on the quality of coffee exports. Currently, Uganda exports over 3.5M bags of coffee and its strategy is to increase the exports volumes to 20M bags by 2020.

There have been media reports on new coffee law which to many misconceived on licencing coffee growers something that prompted the Katikiro of Buganda and a section of Ugandans to outrightly reject the proposal. 

It should be rembered that on 15th July,2019, while addressing the Lukiiko ( Buganda Parliament) during the reading of 121b, 2019/29 Budget for the kingdom, Premier Charles Peter Mayiga warned that the coffee Bill, 2018, consists of clauses that compels farmers to register arguing that when enacted into law will leave out many small scale producers in the industry.

However, reports by Uganda Coffee Development Authority [UCDA] shows that government is drafting new law that seeks to regulate the growing and sale of coffee in Offings.

According to UCDA, the National Coffee Bill, 2018 seeks to ensure quality in the coffee sector and will replace Uganda Coffee Development Authority Act, 1991 which is only limited to covering the market and processing stages of coffee.

The Authority also denies the move to license coffee growers saying registration of coffee farmers shall enable quality produces that compet in the world market.https://theparrots08.blogspot.com

When passed into law, the National Coffee Act, 2018, shall give the government mandates to supervise farmer’s land, assess its suitability which in the end shall enable it channel information and materials about coffee to only registered farmers.

In US Cents per lb. – 18/07/2019
SCREEN 18: 69.50

In Uganda Shillings per Kg
KIBOKO:    2,000-2,300 /=
FAQ:       4,000-4,500 /=
ARABICA PARCHMENT:    4,000-4,700 /=
DRUGAR COFFEE (CLEAN):   4,000-4,500 /=
Source: Market Prices: Adapted from UCDA website.

From Manicurist to Musician: Fresh Dad to perform at the Take Over Party


“New city singer Fresh Dad to make his first public performance at the Take Over Part beating the odds of those who have humiliated him as a ‘cutex guy’ manicurist.”

By  Leonard Kamugisha Akida

Mr. Mutabazi Paul a.k.a Fresh Dad, city- talk up-coming musician

When Paul Mutabazi, a reknown cutex painter in town hit studios to record his Mazike song Kampalans rushed into accusations little did they know that luck would be fall a once despised hawker and write his name in history.

Mr. Mutabazi, who adopted the stage name; Fresh Dad from his son’s ( Fresh Kid) is confirmed to be among the many musicians to perform at the Take Over Party as dubbed, to celebrate 11 years of broadcasting for Uganda Broadcasting Cooperation – UBC’s  Jam101 Presenter, Calvin the Entertainer.

The party is scheduled to take place on Saturday 20th July, 2019, at Freedom City a Kampala Entertainment centre. Fresh Dad, B2C, Mesearch Ssemakula, Cindy Sanyu, Lydia Jazmine, Victor Kamenyo, Katera Africa, are among other famous artists to perform at the party.

Take OverParty is sponsored by Seventh Chapter Music (7CM), City Trades Events (CTE), Johnie Walker, UBC TV and others partners.

Fresh Dad, shall be performing his newly released single tune, “Mazike” a city slang literally meaning a Ugandan 50,000 Shs note. Mazike song was recorded at Bad Character studios owned by musician Khalifa Aghanaga and it’s audio got more likes and shares on social media something that is believed to have increased Fresh Dad’s popularity in Uganda and abroad.

His performance at Take Over Party shall be his first public performance.

About Mazike song:

In the Mazike song, Paul Mutabazi describes to his move from Luwero his home land to Kampala and life in the city basically to look for money or Mazike which he further blasts so does his Son Fresh Kid and his Manger Francis Kamoga.

” Mu Kampala Tunonya amazike, Fresh Dad nonya amazike, Fresh Kid anonya Mazike, Manager Francis anonya Mazike …….” Song lyrics goes.

He further thanks the People of Luwero where he come from and later implores funs to support his music and that of his son.

“Big ups the people of Luwero……..” he adds in lyrics.

Mazike song was released after a three minutes video of Fresh Kid ( his son) calling himself a father to Mutabazi. This prompted funs saying the father’s decision to join music industry may ruin the future of his child’s music talent. 

” Amanya yenze Fresh Kid, Tata was Mutabazi Paulo celeb, mwebare kumuwagira,” literally meaning: 
“My name is Fresh Kid, a father to Mutabazi Paul celeb, thank you for supporting him,” Fresh Kid said in a short video clip. 

However, Mutabazi, says his decision to join the music industry rose after seeing he’d a huge following and talent that entreats him make his funs happy.

” I have seen many people of my age making it in music so I decided to sing just to make my funs happy, ” he said wearing smiles.

Asked about his inspirational musicians, Fresh Dad couldn’t haste talking about Dr. Jose Chamilion and David Lutalo as his role models. 

Mazike Audio song is already out and can be accessed via all music libraries, online and in MP3 sources.

Orphaned Uganda Cranes to meet President Museveni today


Uganda Cranes returns home orphaned, set to meet H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni today  afternoon at the States House, Entebbe.

By Leonard Kamugisha Akida

The country’s biggest soccer team Uganda Cranes players have returned home as orphans after the resignation of the team manager Sebastian Desabre. It’s reportedly that a bunch of Cranes players landed at the Ugandan soil yesterday and another one is expected in the early morning hours of today Monday 8th July, 2019 to attend a meeting with President Museveni, and FUFA officials.

The return of the Cranes players and the resignation of Desabre comes after a regrettable 1 – 0 loss to Senegal on Friday in the African Cup of Nation competitions in Egypt, a match that left a bigger section of Ugandans in great sorrows.

According to the Federation of Uganda Football Association ( FUFA ), the players will convene in a meeting with the president today afternoon.

” Several players are already back, while others arrive Monday morning, in time for the afternoon meet with President Museveni,”  FUFA said.

Uganda’s performance in the tournament has been a promising one with their most commemorated first win against DR Congo with 2-0 goals, followed by the 1 goal draw with Zimbabwe and a 1 goal loss to Egypt Pharaoh’s in the Afcon Group A stages.

Cranes qualified for around of 16 in the second position in Group A with 4 points. However, it’s hopes to continue playing in the tournament were heart broken by Senegal on Friday.

Earlier, there was a player’s strike demanding for a payment of US$10,000 worth 36 millions each as promised by FUFA, but this later promised to pay each playerUS $6,000 (22M) if they qualified to round of16, nonetheless, boycotts continued before a match against Senegal something that prompted Ugandans all over accuse both FUFA and the players of failure to qualify for quarter finals.

Resigned U cranes Boss, Sebastian Desabre

The resignation of Sebastian Desabre was an addition of insults to wounds.

Desabre, French nationale, signed a 2yr contract deal in December 2017 with FUFA, and has greatly helped Uganda Cranes qualify for the long dreamt AFCON tournament after 39 years without qualifying. He was succeeding Serbian Internationale Miltin Sredojevic ‘Micho’ who also resigned on grounds of delayed arrears.

Before joining Uganda Cranes, Desabre was in-charge of Egyptian Premier league side Ismaili FC. On Sunday the Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA) released a communication that they had parted ways with Desabre.

“On the 6th of July 2019, both FUFA and National Team Head coach of the Uganda Cranes Desabre mutually agreed to terminate the contract between the two parties,” read the communication.

Egyptian soccer team Al Ahly SC is reportedly looking on to Desabre as their new coach and other sources have it that Egypt may be eyeing him as the best replacement of their sacked coach. However, it’s not yet clear whether his resignation is in line with this alleged deal.

Uganda Cranes players ready to face off Senegal in Afcon 2019 knockout at Cairo International stadium in Egypt.


By Akida Leonard

Court in Nairobi has earlier today Wednesday 3rd July, 2019 sentenced a one Rashida Charles Mberesero to life imprisonment and other  two jailed for 41yrs after court found them guilty of the Garissa University terror attack that claimed over 148 lives.

The first and second accused – Mohammed Abdi Abdikar, Hassan Edin Hassan – were jailed for 41 years as they were considered first offenders since they did not have any prior cases in court. The fifth accused person, Rashid Charles Mberesero was however sentenced to life imprisonment since he was found at the scene of the crime.

“The (fifth) accused person had indicated he was going to join Al-Shabaab in Somalia and he was found at scene of the crime. I sentence him to life imprisonment for committing a terrorism act,” ruled Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi.

“I have noted that the two accused persons (first and second) are remorseful, they were not found at the scene of crime and were arrested at different places in Garissa and Mandera. Evidence against them does not make them as principal offenders but secondary offenders.”

Abdikadir and Hassan were charged with conspiracy to commit the terrorism act, committing a terrorist act and being members of Al-Shabaab.  

State Prosecutor Counsel Duncan Ondimu, however, wanted the three jailed for 60 years, urging the court to consider the weapons and injury inflicted on the victims.

“The students who died, the injury was clearly stated in the postmortem report and as court pointed out, they died a gruesome death. This clearly show that the attackers and the convicts’ actions were clearly premeditated,” Prosecution quoted.

He further submitted that court should consider multiple victims, from the charge sheet, 148 human beings died, which he insists is by no means few.



Lawyer Mbugua Mureithi, representing Abdikadir and Hassan, asked the court for leniency saying the two were remorseful over the conviction. He argued that his clients were first degree offenders and that they never pulled the actual triggers of the guns recovered at the university. 

Mr.Mureithi said the 60yrs sentence as had requested by the prosecution was similar to death sentence since Kenya’s human life expectancy stands at 60yrs.

Poem about Culture and Late Prof Nsibambi heir decision


Heiress Rhoda
In whom Nsibambi entrusted,
Tradition, wealth and family,
Legally received with fortune,
Tradition despised thee

In a primitive culture,

You’re heiress under looked,
Enslaved with gender stereotypes,
Invalidate your Father’s will.

Heiress unanimously protested,

Because of your sex,
A nephew Heir  traditions propose,
On a decision Nsibambi willingly made.

Clan leaders hold meetings,
Your father’s choice is opposed,
Null and void is called,
Arguing, it’s against cultural norms.

Since when shall tradition,

Transform to modernity?
When girls shall have succession rights,
Rise from disparity darkness to equality.

Rest eternally Prof Nsibambi,

A trend – setter against violation,
Of women’s succession rights,
Appointing Rhoda your Heiress.

Even though lying in your grave,

Your candle still burns,
Lighting the hearts of activists,
Grimmering ways for feminists.
By Leonard Kamugisha Akid
0706640016 / 0785987220
Twitter: @parrotsug
Fb: Parrots Media

Plight of a menstrual insanitary girl

In this period when activists and several Non- Government Organizations raise up fighting against poor healthy of the nation’s girl- child especially during menstruation periods, agitating for provision of free sanitary towels to school going girls, at The Parrots , we also joined the struggle to bring to you menstrual challenges affecting them through our creatively written poem.

Kindly take a look through this piece. Remember to share and leave a comment after.Copy right reserved to anyone, researchers, activists who attribute and acknowledge to our works.


Give us sanitary Towels!!!

As we come lamenting,
Lamenting, in grieved voices,
We bring the greater challenges,
The menstrual challenges of girls,
Affecting our lives,
At home, school and workstations,

No sanitary towels to use,
Menses maps our cloths,
Men and boys make fun of us,
Our long built reputation is lost to humiliation,
Give us sanitary tissues, Give us healthcare.

Severe cramps in our stomachs,
Painfully and restlessly,
Missing classes and lectures,
Absent at work and in meetings,
Discriminated and disassociated,
Because we’re unhealthy.

No more hygienic support for girls,
Living in a self-isolated life,
28days of menstrual cycle,
Our hearts starve to pains.
Our performance decline,
And jobs are lost,
Give us sanitary tissues, Give us health respect.

As we come lamenting,
Lamenting, we bring the plight of an insanitary girl,
Like an elephant, use tree leaves as sanitary napkins,
Hard cloths pieces infect us,
Give us sanitary tissues, Give us healthy minds.
By Leonard Kamugisha Akida

About the Poet:

 The poet is a Bachelor’s Degree holder in Mass Communication from Kampala International University, an activist for girl- child education rights and a reknown blogger. He is an administrator at two blogs ie The Parrots and Efura. English and Runyankoke blogsites respectively.

Four sex secrets you didn’t know about men.

Love doesn’t stop at the alter, it goes further tothe bedroom. NET PHOTO

Four sex secrets you didn’t know about men.
By Leonard Akida.

The greatest mysteries of the world, besides Stonehenge and pyramids, is “What do men want
Seriously, what do they wan? Almost every woman ask this question because they hear so
many conflicting reports on what men supposedly want. Some people claim that men are
pigs, or dogs, and just want sex all the time. That they would probably dump a woman after
sex and move onto another conquest ASAP. That’s just the way a man’s mind words, or so
they claim.

But is that really true? What about those nice guys, those gentlemen and those single dads
that seem so sweet? Are they all really raging sex machines that just want more sex and
more women?

Realistically, there are similarities in what women want and what men want? Men, like
women, want to fall in love and wants an emotional connection.
No matter what guy you talk to, even though most free-loving player in the world, he will
admit that what he wants most is an emotional connection. Sex is temporary. Sex without
love, without emotional connection , feels empty.

Men want BETTER sex, more intense and out-of-this-world sex, but not necessarily more of
it. They may date lots of women and go looking for that one amazing lover, but realistically
these guys are only going to meet a handful of women that they really like.
So, do not contain or limit his drive for sex. Don’t shame him for it, don’t try to guilt him
into controlling his sex drive. Instead, be a superior lover. Go beyond “average”. Be a
full-filler of fantasies.

Here are four sex secrets about men that you’ve probably never heard before, but that are
worth sharing and remembering…

1. A man wants you to be aggressive in bed.
If you’ve ever been told that men don’t like bossy women, mean women, perverted women or selfish
women in the real world…well, okay but we’re NOT talking about the bedroom, are we? In the
bedroom anything goes. In fact, your man actually WANTS you to be horny, insatiable, unreasonable
and just insane with lust.

He wants you to take the lead in showing him how to please you. He wants you to be proud of your kink
and OWN IT. He wants you to feel hot, out of control and do anything that feels good. He wants you to embrace your self-pleasure because frankly, he doesn’t KNOW what you like in bed until you tell him.

So whatever shyness you feel, or whatever worry you have about offending him, shocking him or
embarrassing him, I assure you, it’s only limiting your sex life. He wants you to be more into it.
 He wants you to initiate sex more and not simply “be ready” whenever he wants it. Allow yourself to
embrace the role of a nymphomaniac and just enjoy that freedom, because that is what he wants.

2. A man wants you to use MORE of your body and touch more of his body. 
More, more, more is a good rule to live by, at least when it comes to sexual touching. Men not only love
oral sex, hand job sex, and penetration —they also love touching. He likes touching your body (being
told where to touch) and he loves it when you touch him more, with your lips, your fingers, fingernails (lightly of course) and palms. He even loves the feeling of your hair tickling his belly, shoulders, arms and so on. “Grope him” during sex. Give attention to his butt, his back, his arms and behind his neck.

Embrace more touching as a form of foreplay. He may not like the word “foreplay”, or understand
what it means, but he loves receiving more of it.

3. He wants to feel manly…like he’s turning you on like no one else can.
At the heart of really good sex is what you do for his ego. That’s what really gets his emotions involved, when he feels in control, feels sexy, and feels like you’re responding to him. It’s not just a matter of being supportive—which includes not acting offended or “confused” when he’s dirty talking and loving you.

It’s also about anticipating how he wants you to react. He wants to think of you as his best partner, someone who understands him, is very turned on by him, and will grunt, groan and sigh every time he touches you. You don’t have to fake an orgasm but you definitely need to SHOW enthusiasm when having sex so that he can finish, thinking he’s a sex god.

4. A man wants good feedback on his looks, performance and technique.
Don’t believe the myths suggesting that men are selfish and just care about their own orgasm. Most
men today are considerate lovers and that means they want feedback about how their doing. First,
understand that a lot of guys are self-conscious about their body, particularly the ones who aren’t
models. (Most of the population!) Physical compliments will let him relax, let loose and enjoy the

Next, give him feedback on his “performance” which just means you dirty-talk him, you praise him,
you use words like “Oh God” and cheerleader talk like, “Keep going!”

Finally, DO give him tips on technique, just be sure to keep it positive. That means if you like what he’s doing encourage him to keep right on doing it at that pace. But if he’s doing something wrong, instead of correcting his technique, simply ask him to do what you want in a more positive and sexy way. He’s much more likely to volunteer help and be enthusiastic if you ask him to do something rather than explain what he’s doing wrong.

Remember these sex secrets and make the guy feel like a champ. Keep up the good work and he
will become addicted fast, as he realizes he has the BEST life ever when he’s with you!


By Leonard Akida Kamugisha
Beautifully decorated Namugongo martyrs shrine
Chairman Uganda Episcopal Conference, Bishop Anthony Zziwa of Kiyinda Mityana, has urged Bishops at Namugongo to take up actions on campaigns against kaveera ‘polythene bags’ in their respective diocesses as one of the means to protect conserve the env’t and promoting good health in the country.
Bishop Zziwa said these while addressing the congregations at Namugongo Catholic Martyrs Shrine where hundreds and thousands of pilgrims turned up for this year’s Uganda martyrs celebration. He applauded pilgrims for honouring to episcopal voices by not carrying kaveera to Namugongo.
The Namugongo kaveera free is a campaign by Uganda’s leading local television station NBS in proud partnership with  Vivo Energy Uganda, NEEMA aimed at protecting the environment as well as marking an end to kaveera use in the country. The campaign ; ” Tube Ku Kaveera” (as dubbed) started last year and has gradually registered steady progress since a lot of companies, institutions have shown passion in the campaign- most recent being the Namugongo.
Among the congregation included; H. E Edward K. Ssekandi Vice President of Uganda who represented the president, Pontif Nuncio in Uganda, Catholic Bishops from all Dioceses in Uganda, Bishops from Malawi and Nigeria and Congo Brazzaville Foreign minister among other dignitaries.
While reading the presidential message says the martyrs day boosts tourism sector and promised a mammoth of believers that government shall continue supporting church development projects in the country.
“I want to congratulate both the Catholic and Anglican church for a good role played. This will boost the tourism sector in the country. The government of Uganda will continue supporting the church,” Ssekandi said.
Gulu Archdiocese animated this year’s martyr’s celebrations on the catholic side and over 350 people are estimated to have pilgrimages from all dioceses that make up Gulu archdiocese to Namugongo. Other pilgrims were from other parts of Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, DR Congo.

Social media blocked in Sri Lanka over religious uprisings

   By Akida Leonard Kamugisha and Nabirye Suzan Maria

Sri Lanka has blocked social media as a means of curbing down the prevailing religious tensions.
three weeks after a series of suicide bombings rocked the country.

Nalaka Kaluwewa, Information department director says facecebook (fb) and its mobile messaging platform WhatsApp were blocked due to the circulation of hate messages and another popular messaging app, Viber.

The platforms were blocked to prevent “social unrest via hate messages, violence and false information,” Nalaka Kaluwewa explains.

He added that one of the main reasons behind the ban was to “clamp down on tensions and incidents that have been erupting over the last 48 hours”.

The ban comes about three weeks after the Easter bombings of the catholics during Easter Sunday prayers on Sunday 21st April, 2019 an in incident that claimed over 200 lives.

Christians in Sri Lanka have started attacking Muslims accusing them of terror attacks  something that has prompted government to temporarily putwarnings.n social media.

An anonymous source has told this site that Catholics attacked and started throwing stones at one of the mosques in the country and other moslems- owned shops.

During the mass grave of the deceased, in his eulogy, the Catholic Archbishop of Colombo called upon  Christians to be calm and not attack Moslems. However, these have kept deaf ears on prior warnings

North Korean missile tests not a breach of trust

“They’re short-ranged and I don’t consider that a breach of trust at all. And, you all know, at some point I may. But, at this point no,” Trump on North Korea Missile tests
US President Donald Trump
US President Donald Trump has suspended information that North Korea’s missile tests is not a breach of trust between the two states.
Trump says the tests were short- ranged and of very standard which couldn’t prompt him attack his North Korean ally President Kim Jong.
“They’re short-ranged and I don’t consider that a breach of trust at all. And, you all know, at some point I may. But, at this point no,” he said in smiles.
President Trump was speaking to journalists yesterday Friday 10th May, 2019, during a meeting with Slovakia’s Premiere Peter Pellegrine in the Oval office at the state house.
It should be rememberd  that on Thursday 9th May, 2019, Pyongyang fired two short- range missiles following earlier drills on Saturday.
Trump however, threatened to break up the relations and lose his faith with Kim should Pyongyang attempt testing long-range missiles.
“I mean its possible that at some point I will, but right now not at all.” Trump warned in a Lion’s roar.
An end to missile tests:
In 2018, Kim declared an end to the testing of nuclear weapons during a rapid rapprochement something that paved way for his first ever summit with Trump in Singapore in June, the same year.
The two fierce leaders met in a second summit in February, 2019 in Hano which the world perceived as a cemented bond between Kim and Trump. However, the summit yielded no good results as either sides disagreed on what Pyongyang would be willing to give up in exchange for sanctions relief. This made Kim accuse Washington of acting in bad faith vowing to change its approach at the end of this year.
Missile tests launch:
North Korea had not launched any missile since November2017 shortly before Kim Un embarked on diplomatic overture.
Last tests were launched on November 28th, 2017. 17 missile tests were conducted by North Korea throughout 2017. These tests ranged in success, and included first tests of the DPRK’s new missile, the Hwasong-12, which was the most-tested missile type over the course of the year. 2017’s missile tests are especially notable due to the several instances of North Korean missiles passing over Japan,  provoking a response from the Javanese government as well as the test of an ICBM, the range of which prompted an Emergency Debate of the United Nations Security Council ( UNSCO)

Shame On You!🤣🤣

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