Parents may not send their kids to us immediately – Tennis coach Odocken.


By Patricia Angel T

It’s coming to two months since different sporting events were put on halt across the country and the whole world at Large currently the sports fraternity has some hopes that sports and different leagues will be resuming soon in Africa and perhaps Europe, Tennis coach Edward Odocken is worried that some parents will not send their children back to playing courts immediately.

“Even when the lockdown is lifted, we still have fear that parents may not send their kids to us immediately for normal training sessions as they may claim that they are not yet sure of the status of the  virus,we still want our kids to stay home ” Odocken said.

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Further more,for players who had started regular training sessions in preparation for big tournaments like the FED and Davis cup, Odocken is scared whether these players will bounce back to the best as they were before the lockdown.

“My next worry is that we will have to start from zero ground because some of our players are not exposed to training,yet in Tennis if you spend a couple of days  without holding a racket,a player loses the feel and fitness.” Odocken added.

But to Odocken as schools may be  delay to resume as the president previously stated,he believes to use the space.

Ugandan Tennis Coach, Edward Odocken in a photo session with one of the tennis winners in his team. File Photo.

“Once the situation normalizes and sports resume before schools as per Musevenis’ previous communication,

we shall use  that time for weekly training camps at least for our players to get helped and gain the momentum.” He Stated.

The Fed cup for women that was supposed to take place in Vilnius Lithuania in 8-13 June was suspended due to the spread of pandemic Corona virus and they apparently have no hopes of having the tournament rescheduled this year.

Uganda was to face 27 countries including Algeria, Albania,Congo, Botswana, Armenia, Gabon,Kenya,Rwanda, Morrocco, Montenegro, South Africa and among others.

Ten players had underwent trials to select the last four players will represent the country in group III that were run in June.

The final four players were to be selected from Sandra Nhissa, Mariam Etiang, Judith Nalukwago, Jovia Nakayenga, Evelyn Chimolo, Melonie Nahirya,MaggieNamaganda, Winnie Birungi and Patience Athieno.

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